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Nov 8, 2000 01:04 PM

Melanie Wong and Stephen Kaye: Apologies for not reporting back

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Melanie and Stephen-

I wanted to apologize for not reporting back on Mariposa and the Sonoma Valley wine tour. Though that weekend was greatly anticipated, our plans were derailed by an unlicensed driver who thought going in reverse at full speed was a good idea.

Anyway, all is OK now and when we get our car back, I'd like to follow my original itinerary. I wanted to thank Melanie for the awesome write-up and recommendations- I appreciate your post and efforts. When we do visit the vineyards and Mariposa, I'll post again.


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    Melanie Wong

    How terrible! Anyone hurt? Are you alright?

    - Melanie

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      Thanks for your concern. Everything's OK now and no one was seriously injured. The insurance issue has been an ordeal to get through but it looks like everything's been sorted out now.

      Again, thanks for your concern. I didn't want you to think that you had put a great posting out there and I wasn't appreciative. I was and still can't wait to plan another Sonoma weekend!


      1. re: Tida

        I'm glad to hear that you're in one piece, even if your car isn't.

        I had guests that weekend and the weather was a challenge. You'll have a better time on a day when it's not so wet.

        We did manage to get in a few sets of bocce ball at Armida between showers. The view and autumn colors from the winery were incredible. The pictures just came back. My friend's 14 y.o. son was the camera man - I told her that she'd gotten her money's worth out of sending him to photography camp last summer.

        I almost got stuck in the mud at Rich Hutchinson's house (Amphora). Mud was flying everywhere, with much of it deposited on the roof of my car, trying to get out. My car left some pretty deep ruts in his front drive. But I saw him this week and I seem to still be on his good side, so I guess all is forgiven. His 99s are awesome, and the 2000s tasted from barrel show great promise.

        Not that much into wine, although they did buy about 4 cases altogether on the wine trails, my guests really enjoyed the visit to Joe Matos cheese factory. I've had the cheese many times but had not been to the source myself until then. We had no problem finding the address and private road but I couldn't figure out which of the many buildings on the property was the right one. When the barking pit bull greeted our cars, I didn't think it was wise to get out. Fortunately, some one was leaving at that moment and pointed the way. What you need to do is take the dirt road from the street all the way to the back of the property. Ignore the first set of buildings to the left, and go past the next driveway on the left (leading to the trailer) and continue to the end. The cows will be on the right side, and the cheese factory and sales room is left of the driveway. the pit bull turned out to be relatively friendly, guess he's the early warning system. The cheese is delicious and only $5/lb. I had suggested that we buy a wheel, which is 13-15 lbs. Instead, each of the couples bought 5 lbs, thinking it would last through Christmas. I saw them this week, and they'd both eaten almost all their cheese and are ordering more.

        The weekend after Thanksgiving is a fun time to visit. Busy, in fact, the biggest revenue weekend of hte year for the wineries. Many will host open houses with library wines available for tasting, special discounts, and some scruptious snacks. Or the next event up here is Winter Wine Road with winery open houses and food and wine pairing the weekend before the Stupor Bowl.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          And GUESS WHAT?!?! I was just ordering from Webvan today, and under "Cheeses" they actually have the Matos St. George cheese! Incredible. I was terribly excited (we LOVED the 5-lb. piece we bought on our trek out there), and ordered more. I didn't realize that they would be so high-tech as to be available on Webvan.

          1. re: Cynthia

            Oh my, Cynthia, you've managed to find (almost) every post that describes our fun times together. I was honest about our pit bull encounter and progressively narrower and more pot-holed roads of our Sonoma adventure. And, you did go through that big hunk of cheese awfully fast!

            You were studying their wall of news clippings so intently, I'm sure you're now the leading expert on the Matos family saga and their cheese. Good to know that you can order through Webvan for immediate delivery. If you can wait longer, I understand that you just send Mrs. Matos a check for $25 or so and she'll UPS whatever amount of cheese and shipping that buys.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Mel, now I'm curious about WHICH sites here that I DIDN'T find that mention our times together! I've never written anything on the internet before, and so I'm not really savvy .... and I find it difficult to navigate this site. Perhaps you can give me some tips next time you're down here having a meal with me and using that 15% off coupon at Shiok!

              1. re: Cynthia

                You should definitely check out the home page (link below) to learn how to use hot posts, search and navigate these boards. But since I don't mention you or your family by name, there's not an easy way to locate those mentions (. . . I was just teasing anyway). I did a search on my name and came up with 1400+ posts!


                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  "I did a search on my name and came up with 1400+ posts!"

                  But bear in mind that this includes people talking ABOUT you!