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Nov 8, 2000 01:57 AM

Just went to Locanda San Pietro

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Had dinner at Locanda San Pietro, an Italian place in the Richmond (Clement and 19th) tonight.

Small portions for antipasti and primi piatti - allows for more courses.

Good food overall. Had a lovely grilled eggplant layered with roasted eggplant puree, tomatoes and a soft white cheese (don't think it was ricotta) on a crostini with a very light pesto sauce (wish it was stronger). The serving of risotto with wild mushrooms, young spinach and pearl onions was excellent. Also had their stuffed quail with a sweet brown (wine?) sauce with frisee and apples. The quail was marvellously cooked - succulent, savory and pared well with the sauce. And a fine zabaglione with strawberries for dessert.

Great service.

I got comped a dessert wine (a vin santo - didn't remember more details).

It was a tiny tiny bit on the expensive side. ($60 for the above plus a $7.50 glass of wine, tip not included.) Might have had similar fare at La Villa Poppi for less.

Anyone else been there? What do you think?

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