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Dec 22, 2005 08:09 AM

Wine shops in Providence or surrounding areas?

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I am looking for a wine shop with a knowledgable and helpful staff, and an interesting selection of wines. I had lived across the way from the Wine & Cheese Cask in Somerville, MA for years, but now I am at a loss in RI!

Thanks very much for any recommendations.

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  1. For a knowledgable staff and excellent selection, I go to Gasbarro's on Federal Hill.

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    1. re: renfrew
      Sugar the Cat

      The only problem with Gasbarros is they have no idea what they are talking about, Mark Gasbarro does a wine thing on a sunday show similar to Phantom Gourmet but cheesier and he is almost never accurate or even close to accurate regarding what he is talking about. I am not referenceing his ideas on wine which are individual but rather what he passes off as "Facts". Both my SO and I are in the biz and we watch the show and cringe at his segments as they are so far off base. Try Campus or go north to Town and see what pros can do

      1. re: Sugar the Cat

        I never saw the show, nor do I talk to Mark in the store. His staff do know what they are talking about. Also, they have an excellent selection if you know what you want. I just walk in and find what I am looking for 99 percent of the time.

        1. re: renfrew
          Sugar the Cat

          I am glad to hear that as there is to much bad info being disemenated in the market.

        2. re: Sugar the Cat

          What's Town? I've been to Campus and Yankee Spirits which is okay if you have something in mind but still looking for something better. Only been here a year, also in the food/wine business and trying to find that special wine store that carries high quality, NOT all California and not with a ridiculous, insulting markup.

          1. re: jennifer

            Town Wine & Spirits
            Address: 179 Newport Ave, Rumford, RI 02916
            Phone: (401) 434-4563

            Been around forever.

            Check out this epinions review


      2. I find that Campus in Providence is probably the closest in feel to the Wine Cask. Gasbarro's has a larger selection, especially in Italian wines, but Campus has a well selected collection that is kind of quirky-just like the Wine Cask.

        1. We are mirror images! I went from Providence to Somerville recently (Teele/Davis Sq specifically)! I second the rec for Campus Wine on Brook Street (runs perpendicular into Wickenden). If he still there, talk to Michael (young-ish, slim guy, in his 30's?). He runs the wine section and is highly knowledgeable. His love of wine is so obvious the minute you start talking to him. It's the only wine shop I frequented. If you need bulk quantities for parties, Yankee Liquor out in South Attleboro (I think, near the Emerald Sq Mall?) is a hoot and the prices are pretty good!

          1. In Downcity, try Eno's, and then you can get a hunk of cheese to go with it at LaLaitere's next door.

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            1. re: fullbelly

              I'm a fan of Eno's as well, but not enough to fight for downcity parking just to go to the liquor store. If I'm there already though, I usually try and make a point of stopping in.

              1. re: dagwood

                Guess I'm spoiled being in walking distance of all of downtown.. Eno is surely a reputable and solid wine source, I've never been disappointed with their rec's.. that being said, I would happily ride the trolley to Campus for their ever changing delightful selections, or hop across the street to Gasbarros for time tested vintages. So much wine, so little time...

                1. re: dagwood

                  Are you kidding? There is tons and tons of parking in Downcity. On street, lots, you name it.

                  1. re: basachs

                    you've got to be kidding. When I first moved here 9 years ago there was plenty of parking, but now there's typically so much going on downcity that I tend to drive around forever before I find something. And I refuse to pay $15 to park to go to the liquor store.

                    1. re: dagwood

                      Wow! When Eno first opened about a year and a half ago, there was so much press about them - you couldn't open a local paper or magazine without a feature on them with the highest praise from the wirters. Quickly, they had seemed to vanish off the press pages (and I never see any ads from them)...I thought they folded without me even trying their shop. Glad to see they are still hanging in there (but I agree - not worth risking a ticket down there ).

                      1. re: dagwood

                        When they start demolishing buildings to have surface parking lots, its a problem. There is plenty of parking, enough said. Great thing about Providence is that it is a walkable city.

                        And yes Eno is still around, does pretty well from my conversations with the proprietors.

                2. If you are like me and you like interesting selection and a bargain I have 2 reccomendations (both which have been mentioned already.) Both of them have hit or miss staff (once at Wakefield when I asked about roses I was pointed to white zin - sorry, bud - not the same.)
                  1. Wakefield Liquors - A bit out of the way but they have red and white under $15 tables in the back that are always full of tasty wines.
                  2. Campus - Blue labels are buy one get one half off.