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Nov 6, 2000 11:52 AM

Hawthorne Lane

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What do people think of Hawthorne Lane now that Anne Gringrass (spelling?) has left? I'm curious because I just had a fabulous lunch there last week and am wondering how it would compare with its previous self.

BTW, having heard a few reservation/service horror stories on the Manhattan Board (e.g. Babbo), I'm glad that we have a place like Hawthorne Lane in SF. The service is very friendly and professional and they take great care of you.

Once I wanted to bring in a party of seven for dessert and called to ask about our chances of walking in at about 10pm. The person on the line offered to hold a table for us from 10-10:15pm even though I said that we might not show as we were having dining elsewhere and might have a timing issue (which we unfortunately did -- it was only until recently that I was only able try their excellent desserts). Haven't seen such an accomodating place in a long time.

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  1. I was sorry to hear about the divorce too, as each of my visits to Hawthorne Lane has been near perfect. The staff are just great, professional and attentive but unobtrusive.

    Great wine list and fairly priced, maybe even underpriced for a restaurant of this caliber. Yet, I've always brought my own and have never paid a corkage fee. The first time this happened, I asked the server whether it had been overlooked, as I'm always willing to pay. I was told that they only charge people who are trying to be "cheap", and don't charge for older fine wines that aren't on the list. They also know how to handle the bottles, have decanters and ice buckets available and use Schott-Zweisel crystal. Good wine service is provided at no charge, I wish that places that charge $20/bottle could do as good a job.