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Best Pizza on Cape Cod?

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  • capecodguy Dec 15, 2005 12:50 PM
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ok...I'm aware of Sweet Tomatoes in Sandwich and Showtime in Dennis which are the best that I can find, although very different pies. Is there a hidden gem or holy grail I'm missing? Prefer MidCape or upper Cape areas. Thanks for any replies!

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  1. I like the pizza at the Binnacle in Orleans. Carmines in Chatham is good too...

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    1. re: lm

      Tried George's in Harwich, it was pretty good

      1. re: Ann

        My kids (and the adults here) love Zoe's in Mashpee Commons.

    2. There's Paul's, in Falmouth, for famous "bar-style" pizzas, and Spiritus, in P-Town, for thin crust. There's also a Sweet Tomatoes in E. Falmouth.

      1. Somebody down below already mentioned it, but I consider George's in Harwich Port an excellent pizza that should not be missed. I've been eating pizza all around the country (and abroad) for years, but when I get back to Harwich I always find George's to be among the best. Even snooty guests from so-called "pizza capitols" find it great. It's not a NY, New Haven, Chicago or Old Forge (PA) pie, but it is delicious. You oughtta try it.

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        1. re: billy

          I dunno, it sure tastes like standard Greek pizza to me.

          1. re: Puttyj

            I agree...seems like any "dime-a-dozen" greek pizza to me as well.

            1. re: capecodguy

              Ya, it's typical Greek Style Pizza and I love it..every time I am back on Cape Cod I head there...the best.

              1. re: Ann P.

                I had just about decided to let this thread pass into the archives without saying more, but since there is still some activity on the topic, I am moved to weigh in again.

                There is no arguing with people's tastes. Some like one thing, others another. Pizza is a perfect case in point, and, reading the various Chowhound boards, the prejudices people have about what the perfect pizza is become obvious.

                The original poster asked about where the best pizza on Cape Cod could be found. the poster did not ask for the best "New York style", best "New Haven style" or best "Chicago style."

                One poster, in a somewhat disparaging tone, dismissed an earlier suggestion as "ordinary Greek Style". Setting aside what makes it Greek (prepared by people whose forbears came from Greece?), I submit that virtually all pizza we can get easily in the U.S. these days is American in execution. Many visitors to Italy are shocked to find that the pizza there is nothing like "real" pizza back home.

                Three respondents in this thread mentioned George's in Harwich Port. Maybe that's "Greek-style", but if what the chains like Dominos and Pizza Hut sell is "Italian style", I'll take it any time. To me the proof is in the eating, and, if the crust and sauce are freshly made on the premises, I am willing to give it a shot. I am not enough of a purist to insist that the style of how it's prepared (on a greased pan in an oven or directly on the oven floor itself) is the determining factor of what constitutes a delicious pie. To my admittedly aging tongue, George's is worth tasting.

                Sorry for the long post.

                1. re: billy

                  I 100% take back my "dime-a-dozen" Greek pizza comment. Just got back from Georges and shared a large sausage and onion with the DW. Yes, it's "Greek-style" pan pizza, and yes, it's excellent and delicious. Nice crunchy and chewy crust, nice quality cheese and toppings with a flavorful crust. Plus, with a large two topping costing around $13 it qualifies as a bargain. One can do much worse than George's on the Cape, or anywhere else for that matter.

        2. Thanks, PizzaLover, but you've missed the Cape by a couple of hundred miles. Not sure Big Daddy's would deliver here! :)

          Big Daddy's
          RR 1, Wells, ME 04090

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          1. re: jillian

            I think pizzaloveer is referring to Big Daddy's Pizza, Route 28, Cotuit. See link:

            1. re: Afar

              Yes, but is it any good? Have you tried it? (I'm always a bit cautious about a person with a single only post)

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                Haha, point well made; and, of course, you are right. No have not tried it. All I have ever bought in the place is a losing lotto ticket.

                1. re: Afar

                  You know what they say about the lottery? It's just a tax for those that suck at math!

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    OK here's a very very hidden gem, happens to be near big daddy's in cotuit -- The Cotuit General Store on Main St. -- good place to pick up a pizza if you are in the neighborhood for a Kettleers game. Crust not as thin as sweet tomatoes; it has a nice char. Sauce is good, lots of herbs. Toppings lean towards the sophisticated.

                    Along Rte 28, I'd probably pick pizza wave (marstons Mills) or pizza prima (mashpee, next to polar cave) ahead of big daddy's, and that one ahead of pizza 1 subs 2 (osterville). all of those are very basic neighborhood pizzerias. Big Daddy's, when it was called Pepper's Pantry, was famous for sandwiches at lunch time -- jammed with landscaper trucks -- not sure if that's still true.

                    1. re: cape year rounder

                      Pepper's trade seems to have held solid at Daddy's. The General Store has gone through a variety or food presentations or iterations over the past two decades yet never disappoints. Always a great little store. Frequently carrying home made products from locals. The cycle of operations is always interesting and I'll bet your right about the pizza. I'll visit soon and get a pizza.

                      1. re: cape year rounder

                        Finally made it to The Cotuit General Store. What a lovely place! I had not visited for over a year. However, pizza is made on Thursday, Friday & Saturday only. Beginning in the Spring - every day. They have a big display of Everything Cranberry the wonderful cookies, bread, short cake, trail mix, etc. of Karen Esposito at www.everythingcranberry.com. Far and away the best cranberry cookie anywhere. Bell& Evans whole chicken, scones and breads, and quick dinner foods. Thanks cyr for getting me through the door again. Loved it.

                        1. re: cape year rounder

                          Thank you cyr! The pizza at the Cotuit Fresh Market (The Cotuit General Store) is terrific. We finally indulged tonight in a large green pepper, mushroom, onion, olive and fresh sliced tomato. It was delicious. Everything we want about a pizza to be great was indeed great. They make large and small and took twenty minutes to have it ready. We will return again soon. We thought it was better then Paul's or Sweet Tomatoes Falmouth, Wicked or Zoe's Mashpee or Palio Hyannis. Paul's & Palio are good but CFM is tops. Yup, "a very hidden gem".

                          Sweet Tomatoes
                          421 E Falmouth Hwy, East Falmouth, MA 02536

              2. Onset is technically off cape but ifyou are willing to make the trip, Marc Anthony's has fantastic pizza.

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                1. re: joth68

                  Agreed. The crust is terrific and cheese quality quite high, but the sauce is very bland and unappetizing.

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    Well, it took a while but finally did happen: pizza to Palio Pizzeria, Main Street, Hyannis. You recommended Palio to me some time ago and I hope I get back soon. Simply outstanding for a thin crust presentation. We had veggie: green pepper, mushroom, & onion. The pie is not ladled with tons of tomato sauce, which is important to me. As you know it was kinda cold today. We made the mistake of sitting at a booth next to a large window at the street-side. After the first piping hot yummy slice, the pie went cold - our mistake for not sitting at a table closer to the ovens. Cold or hot - loved it.

                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                      Marc Anthony's is definitely the best pizza I've had anywhere in the vicinity of the Cape. If you want something on-Cape, the Chapoquoit Grill on 28A in Falmouth has great thin-crust, brick-oven gourmet pizza. It's not very filling, so grab a couple for take out.

                  2. We tried Joey's Paradise Pizza in West Dennis this summer and thought it was pretty good by this die hard Italian's standards (it wasn't much on ambience but it may be worth the try )

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                    1. re: NJ food dude

                      Agreed NJ on Joey's...when we want pizza we still drive down to George's in Harwichport. Had Toly's in S. Yarmouth in Nov. YUCK

                      1. re: phelana

                        Funny, happened to see a list of the 10 BEST pizza places on Cape on CapeCodOnLine, and Toly's was one of the 10 "best". I knew the list was bogus when Amari's was also mentioned. People must love prepackaged Boboli crusts I guess! On the bright side, Georges was a deserving mention.

                        1. re: CapeCodGuy

                          On Tue. Ardeo has two for one and their greek pizza is pretty good..had a bad experience Tue. when I picked up a Fatouche Salad and Baba Ganoush. the salad had no pita chips which is essential in Fatouche and the Baba Ganoush fermented. I called and was on hold 10 min. whilst the manager checked out if my claim was true. He offered a refund which I will take if I go back anytime soon. It was a 4 30 PM take out not the height of their busy hour. Not acceptable.

                    2. We love Red Barn in Eastham.

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                      1. re: jkogut

                        we LOVE the Red Barn in Eastham!!!

                        Red Barn
                        292 Wilton Rd, Westport, CT 06880

                      2. The original (long-ago) post asked if there was a hidden gem of a pizza restaurant on the Cape. Not passable, edible, likable nor merely acceptable, something special. Baked dough, cheese and tomato sauce is a naturally tasty thing - but is there a hidden gem out there? A really good pizza place like many can find in New Haven or Boston or New York?

                        I am not aware of even one. Please tell me what I do not know.
                        If not, how come there isn't?

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                        1. re: roadmoose

                          there are different kinds of pizza on Cape Cod. My favs are Hilltop in Orleans and George's in Harwichport. George's is Greek style. Ardeo's has a nice Greek pizza and has two for one on Tue. Paoli's in Hyannis is good too..

                          1. re: roadmoose

                            If you get out to the Vineyard, then Joey's Pizza might fit the bill (Oak Bluffs, if they open this season). Apparently related to Santarpio's of Boston. We love New Haven (best) and NYC (second) pizza, and this puts a smile our our faces.

                            1. re: howaboutthat

                              howaboutthat, I once drove 3 hours in the dead of winter to have pizza in New Haven...ya, I'm that passionate about food sometimes..

                              1. re: phelana

                                phelana, your are a woman after my own heart. We never drove all those miles to New Haven just for pizza but when we were there we often stood in hour's long lines for Pepe's. To me it has no equal although some prefer Sally's, which I guess I would say is second best and it does offer Sinatra..

                                On the Cape we like Palio's and Sweet Tomato's; George's is also good.

                                1. re: taddybelle

                                  Yes, it was Dec. 8 2008 when we ventured to New Haven. Don't know HOW I recall the date but I do...The day was so bleak and SO cold, Pepe's had room for our group of 4..we had the clam pizza which I found too rich..the others chose pepperoni which I don't eat so alas, my experience at Pepe's wasn't too memorable. I do love Sweet Tomatoes and George's as well. I cannot recall Palio's but it's been two years or so since I had a slice. I am from Central MA and had some amazing pizza in my undergrad days at Expresso in Fitchburg and Wonderbar and Boynton in Worcester. Lastly, I was in Chicago in 06 and had my first thick crust pizza at two places, one was Gino's East and the other I think was Giordino's? ...didn't love it ...

                          2. Ok here's the real hidden gem, perhaps a bit too far outer cape for many of you; Savory on Route 6 in Truro. Dough is thin and crisp, with a chew, not a cracker. Sauce is the right balance of chunky smooth with seasoning (a real surprise on the Cape!) and all the topping are fresh. Pizza cooked by the fire in full view. Nothing fancy, just real good! Best on the Cape imho. Although, Ive been wanting to try that new place past Mashpee Commons, Wicked...

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                            1. re: surlyfoodlover

                              We love Savory. The dough is great and the toppings are yummy. Friendly people. The salads are fresh. It is a great change of pace from typical Cape fare. The ice cream is also great.

                              1. re: mcb70

                                Finally got a pizza from Savory/Sweet Escapes and it tastes as good as it looks. Reminds me of Narragansett pizza of my youth.

                                1. re: Berheenia

                                  Another vote here for Savory. NB: cash only!

                            2. Has anyone tried Zia Pizzeria in East Orleans? The crust is thin and chewy. I had a slice or white pizza with goat cheese, fig jam and prosciutto last week that was very satisfying. There's a wide variety of more normal toppings to choose from as well. I was a little concerned that ordering a slice would produce one that was either soggy or hard as a rock, but it was neither.

                              Zia Pizzeria
                              210 Main St, East Orleans, MA 02643

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                              1. re: sr44

                                Zia is the best pizza hands down!

                                1. re: yentzn

                                  Why? And as compared to?

                                2. re: sr44

                                  I love Zias pizzeria. The crust is wonderful and the sauce has this TASTE to it that is totally unique.

                                3. What about Spiritus Pizza on Commercial Street in P-town? It reminds me of Pepys in New Haven, but more of a take-out situation. However, sitting on the curb eating a slice still remains a heavenly memory...

                                  Spiritus Pizza
                                  190 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657

                                  1. I've tried a good amount of pizza in the cape and more often than not it is a miss rather than a hit for my taste (I like a New Haven or NY style pizza with ONLY mozzerella cheese on top - - - nothing wierd like cheddar).
                                    On a recent trip up I read about 2 places to try: Boxoffice Cafe in Chatham and Mile's Pizza iin Dennis. I didn't get to Boxoffice Cafe, but I did hit Mike's. To date, this is the pizza in the Cape that most reminds me of "take out slices" in NYC. The crust was thin and had a slight crisp to the bottom, the sauce was not pasty, and the cheese was mozzerella.
                                    As a side note, try Mike's oysters as an appetizer; he owns his own oyster beds and serves his own product.

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                                    1. re: foleyd7

                                      foley...where is Mike's Pizza? Dennisport perhaps? The only Mike's I know is on Rte 132 in Hyannis and I doubt you'd be reminded of NY take out slices there. I'd LOVE to find what you describe on the Cape. The closest I can find is Palio's and I'd call it more Napolitan, than NY style.

                                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                        It's on Lower County Road in Dennisport - - - right across the street from the Dog House.
                                        It might help if I quoted the right name: It's Joey's pizza.
                                        The Dog House by the way has some of the best fresh fries I've ever had. Dogs there are OK.
                                        And best part is... both places are just down the street is a Sundae School ice cream.

                                        Dog House Restaurant
                                        189 Lower County Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

                                        1. re: foleyd7

                                          Here ae a couple of reviews that lead us to it:


                                          1. re: foleyd7

                                            Funny, I met Mike....er...Joey, when he used to tend bar some at Abbicci's in the off-season. He's a very congenial guy and loved to talk about his pizza joint that he had just opened. I haven't tried it, but I'll be sure to give it go thanks to your report.

                                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                              Shared a pizza at Columbo's on Main in Hyannis today with my DW. TERRIFIC! I mean, really, really, top notch. It was their italian sausage pie with carmelized onions and roasted red papers. Top quality ingredients, a very nice mozz and a crispy thin and slightly charred crust. Very flavorful, perfectly cooked and a reasonable $13 or so. Maybe the best pizza I've had on Cape, and that includes the quite excellent Palio's down the street.

                                              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                Another BIG thumbs up for Colombo's excellent thin crust pizza. Shared another one with the DW, same sausage, carmelized onion, and roasted red pepper as before. This was even better for some reason. The crust is cruchy/chewy and cooked in a brick floor oven. Everything is very well seasoned and oh so flavorful. We split the small at $13.95 but were offered a large, which I didn't know existed as it's not listed on the lunch menu for some reason.

                                                I really think this supplants Palios as the best pizza available on the Cape.

                                                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                  Ditto on the vote of Columbo's over Palios for pizza.
                                                  The crust is fired nicely.

                                                  And at Columbos, give the turkey bolognesse a try. It iis surprisingly very good given the turkery (over beef/pork/veal) basis.

                                                  75 Main St, Danielson, CT 06239

                                      2. The linguica pizza at Paul's Pizza in Falmouth. Best on the Cape.

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                                        1. re: KazamaSmokers

                                          Really? Have you tried everywhere else?

                                        2. I have tried Zia in Orleans and Palio's in Hyannis. Neither place gave me the "wow factor" I was lseeking. They are both fine, just nothing special. In the name of research ;-) I am going into the trenches again this weekend, in search of the best pizza I can find on the Cape. Based on recommendations I've read here, I'm going to Columbo's in Hyannis, and The Box Office Cafe in Chatham. Will report back my findings.

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                                          1. re: BeachBum143

                                            Looking forward to your report. First, to see if you agree with my opinion on Colombo's. Second, to hear your thoughts on Box Office as reviews have been quite mixed.

                                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                              I should say upfront that I am not a big fan of the Cape in general as far as food goes. Once you eliminate fried seafood and tavern menus, there's not much left. And of those, most of it is overpriced tourist traps, serving 3-star meals at 5-star prices. A couple of places that have won my affection: Girardi's Cafe in Yarmouth has solid Italian dishes served in a warm atmosphere that doesn't gouge you with the bill. I'll start a war with this one: I prefer Misaki's in Hyannis over Inaho for sushi. Not to knock Inaho, but I think Misaki's has the more adventurous menu, and I don't feel like the owners are "doing me a favor" by giving me food like I do at Inaho. I've eaten at Columbos (not the pizza), and they do a good job--not amazing, but completely in line with their vibe and their prices. Cape Sea Grill has amazing food, but I will agree with the above review that it is simply way too stuffy. Ocean Edge USED to have a great menu, but they either lost their chef, or the fusion flavors weren't cutting it with the crowd and their menu went back to being ordinary; plus the wait staff can be rude. Mexican food is a joke on Cape--even worse than the pizza situation. But El Guapos in Brewster gives it a fair go and we've been back a couple of times.

                                              I'm not much of a review guy--I think I found this thread when I was searching for the best pizza on Cape myself--kind of desperately I might add. I'm originally from New York, so I'm ridiculously fussy about my pizza. I tried some of the suggestions I saw listed and was completely disappointed. Then I stumbled onto Box Office and was blown away. Felt compelled to share my discovery with other pizza addicts because I feel their pain.

                                              I don't know about dismal reviews or the place being gimmicky or ordinary. Every time we've been there, the food has been stellar, and far from "ordinary". Way beyond what you'd expect from this type of place. They do have a movie theme (they show movies, rent movies; everything's named after a movie), so maybe that's where the gimmick tag is coming from. Doesn't feel gimmicky to me. I kind of like it.

                                              Now I'm curious as to what you'll make of it.

                                              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                Yesterday afternoon we hit The Box Office Cafe in Chatham for lunch. The menu is fun and we enjoyed perusing the different options. I asked the cashier what pizzas were available (we wanted a slice each and then we planned to try their signature sandwiches). She told us they were in the process of making their latest creation "Lone Star" pizza - so new it's not on the menu yet. We each got a slice and it was delicious. Pizza with small chunks of chicken, crisp bacon and a thin drizzle of ranch dressing across the slice - loads of flavor. The crust was good, but not great. For sandwiches DH got "The Poseidon Adventure" which is a tuna melt with wasabi mustard, dill havarti cheese on Ciabatta, while I had a "Caddyshack" The Club Sub - wafer thin ovengold turkey, lacey swiss, BLT and mayo on a soft sub roll. We both opted for toasted rolls. The food was all very good, and I would not hesitate to order from them again. The food is a huge step above your typical greasy spoon. However, I have to save my highest praise for Columbo's Cafe on Main Street in Hyannis. We stopped in for dinner on Friday night over DH protests that I was "wasting my time trying to find excellent pizza on the Cape." I had to stifle a snicker as he bit into his first bite of the Margarita pizza we ordered. He chewed, swallowed, looked at me and said "I stand corrected. This pizza rivals any place in Boston, even the North End." We dine in the North End fairly frequently. The crust was perfect! That is an extremely rare thing for me to say, but it is true. I do not often find pizza crust of this caliber. Thin crust with a slight crispy crunch, not tough or overly chewy - just perfect. We shared a creme brulee for dessert and it was sublime. The high quality of service and the general ambiance elevates this restaurant to a high degree, and assures we will return here many times.

                                                1. re: BeachBum143

                                                  Now I regret having missed the Pizza at Columbos. I'll give them another try next time we're in the neighborhood and report back.

                                                  1. re: BeachBum143

                                                    BeachBum...I'm glad you agree that Colombo's is worthy of praise. I find much of their food to be of the reasonably good variety.The desserts are excellent. The service is always terrific. And I like the room quite a bit. The pizza, however, is indeed sublime.

                                                    chathaminn, your statement regarding Cape Cod cuisine is often heard here, and I understand how some might develpo that opinion, but I really disagree with the criticism. Sure, there are plent of places to avoid. And yes, we have more than our share of fried seafood options and taverns, but there are so many places that don't qualify as either and certainly don't qualify as 3-star places charging 5-star prices. Girardi's is okay, not my fave by far. Villa Roma in Harwichport serves much better fare at the same price point. Ditto Norabella in Dennisport. Higher end Italian like Albertos, Soprano's, and Tomato's are as good as any Italian-American restaurants you will find anywhere. And Osteria la Civetta in Falmouth will get you as authentic Italian cuisine as you can find not only in the North End, but in Tuscany or Firenza itself. For five star dining, I'd put 28 Atlantic and The Regatta aginst anything you'll find in Boston. I'd add Ocean House, Naked Oyster, Lyric, Bleu, Red Pheasant, Chillingsworth, all as worthy choices, and I could go on and on, but as this thread is about pizza, I'll stop there! :-)

                                                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                      Recently had the spinach, tomato and garlic pizza at Sweet Tomatoes in Sandwich. AMAZING as always..love it..

                                                      Sweet Tomatoes
                                                      421 E Falmouth Hwy, East Falmouth, MA 02536

                                                      1. re: phelana

                                                        I will have to say I mostly agree with chathaminn regarding Cape Cod dining. It's not that there aren't any great places , just few and far between. By the way CCG glad you finally came around on your opinion of Pain D'avignon.

                                              2. I had the pleasure to happen upon the Pizza Barbone yesterday morning. He was just setting up at a festival in downtown Falmouth and the curl of smoke from his mobile wood fired oven called me to change my breakfast plans. I ordered a margurite pizza and watched as he rolled out the dough spread the sauce and cheese. He puffed on the fire and sent the pie into the oven. A minute later he presented me with a perfectly cooked pie, bubbling cheese, basil infused steam and a crispy golden crust. Wow. The pizza was delicious. A tip of the cap to the effort and enthusiasm of the chef.

                                                1. I haven't tried many of the places mentioned in this thread, but did find Palio Pizzeria to be very good on a recent visit.

                                                  few pics here: http://www.girleatscity.com/2011/06/p...

                                                  Palio Pizzeria calls its product "Cape Cod thin crust pizza" made with "homemade Neapolitan style dough" and for that, it wins points for truth in advertising: The restaurant doesn't make true Neapolitan pizzas. Their crusts are not chewy enough and they don't have those isolated bubbles of char that are symptomatic of the fiery 905° F heat of a regulation Neapolitan pizza oven. But if Palio's pizzas are not truly Neapolitan, they are pretty darned delicious, nonetheless.

                                                  The crust was indeed thin, as advertised, with a little bit of chew. Any thinner and it would have buckled under the strain of fresh tomato, mozzarella, basil, and the light schmear of tomato sauce topping the Margherita Pizza (pictured at the top of this post). As it was, the combination was gorgeous, a perfect ratio of crust to topping. (5/5


                                                  My gluten free Pollo Pesto Pizza with pesto, chicken, fresh garlic and caramelized onions was nearly as good. It's not possible, really, to make a Neapolitan-style gluten free pizza, since you need that gluten to impart the characteristic chew to the crust. But this was actually a fair example of a New York style pizza with its crisp, very thin crust. The pesto and caramelized (actually just browned) onions on the pizza were good; the chicken was bland. (3.5/5)

                                                  The only non-excellent component of the meal was the Greek salad, made with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, pepperoncini, feta cheese, kalamata olives, parsley, Greek dressing and in my case, added chicken. The salad wasn't terrible, just humdrum. The meat came as two large pieces of very bland chicken tenders, undersalted and seasoned with dried oregano, but fairly moist. (I think they'd been boiled, first, sprinkled with a tiny bit of salt and oregeno, then grilled.) Romaine was fresh, but cut into overly large pieces. There were only two bits of hard tomato and two slices of cucumber. (2/5)

                                                  Other than the excellent pizza and gluten-free options, Palio's other major draws include their dog friendly outdoor seating (a wide space on the side, well shielded from the sun by umbrellas) and wonderful, upbeat servers. Even though you place the order at the counter and seat yourself, wait staff bring out your beverages and food. Our very nice waitress brought our dog water without our asking.

                                                  This is a place we'll seek out, again.

                                                  Palio Pizzeria
                                                  435 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601

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                                                  1. re: michelleats

                                                    We will be staying in Wellfleet, and unfortunately distance is an issue....What are the best pizza places that are in or close to Wellfleet? So far, my list is...Savory, Flying Fish, Adrian, Zia, and Spiritus. Anything closer and/or better?

                                                    Flying Fish Cafe
                                                    29 Briar Ln, Wellfleet, MA 02667

                                                    1. re: sounddog

                                                      Spiritus is the only one I know..did Pearl last night..no pizza on the menu but a good spot for eats..LOVE Mac's Shack too..not sure on pizza...Red Barn in Eastham??

                                                      1. re: sounddog

                                                        Try Wellfleet Pizza on Comercial Street in Wellfleet.

                                                      2. re: michelleats

                                                        My wife and I finally tried Palio last weekend. We had the antipasto, Broccoli Rabe pizza and a bottle of very good Italian red wine. We both thought it was fantastic. I prefer a thin crust that is a little well done. The prices were very reasonable. After reading CCG's review of Columbo's, I'm in a conundrum. I'll have to try them soon. I can't imagine the pizza being better than Palio, but I will keep an open mind. Also, is Pizza Barbone open on Main Street?

                                                        1. re: kevinricci

                                                          Yes, Barbone's is open. Stopped in for a look-see on Fathers Day and he was doing a nice business. Pizzas cook FAST in his imported Italian wood oven, about 4-5 minutes. They are small 10" pizza that sell for about $9-$14. They looked good but you must like a charred crust or it's not for you. Had just had lunch elsewhere so we didn't sample. Hope to try it soon. (note: they do a $9 lunch special with is a personal pizza a drink or small salad I believe)

                                                          I do love both Palio's and Colombo's, too, although their pies are a bit different. Both are thin crusted, however. Colombo's can vary a bit depending on who's working the oven, where Palio's consistency is better, as the pie is the same no matter when you go.

                                                      3. Joey's Pizzeria in Dennisport for me

                                                        Joey's Pizzeria
                                                        197 Lower County Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

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                                                        1. re: Rodzilla

                                                          Adrian is not really a pizza place. Of those mentioned otherwise, Savory is decent, but not great (I know many will disagree). Red Barn? Surely you jest!

                                                          Red Barn
                                                          292 Wilton Rd, Westport, CT 06880

                                                        2. This place will be worth watching.

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                                                          1. re: T.Clark

                                                            Tried Red Barn last year, I'm sorry, it was not good. How is Flying Fish?

                                                            1. re: sounddog

                                                              No one in this wonderfully long thread has mentioned Stella Pizza, in the little strip mall in Orleans on 6A before you get to the big one that has Shaw's. Thin crust, fresh local ingredient toppings, pepperoni to die for . Red Barn in Eastham is a definite pass unless you are with many children who need to watch TV while eating.

                                                              1. re: alfresca

                                                                I love that pizza place in Orleans. It has been called Hillcrest for a few years now.

                                                                180 Rt 6A
                                                                Orleans, MA 02653
                                                                (508) 255-7160

                                                                1. re: phelana

                                                                  You are so right! I'm dating myself. But still wonderful pizza. thanks for posting the address so pizza seekers can find it.... I also love that they have those old fashioned small bottles of coke, icy cold (like we used to get for 10 cents...)

                                                          2. Pizza Barbone in Hyannis is now it for me. Most authentic, classic pizza Neapolitan around with great, fresh ingredients. This place can likely be VPN certified for it's authenticity (see link for classic neapolitan "rules"):


                                                            No longer is the pizza experience on CapeCod just satisfactory.... now it is finally outstanding.

                                                            2 Replies
                                                            1. re: foleyd7

                                                              I agree. Barbone has only been open for a few weeks and I think it will only get better as they find their groove.

                                                              1. re: foleyd7

                                                                You need to compare Barbone's to Chef Toby Hill's creations at 586 Main Street Bistro & Bar. Formally the head chef from the excellent Pain D'Avignon, he works his magic at his own 900 degree wood fired oven. I had the clam pizza ($12) tonight and it was terrific. A nice thin chewy/crispy slightly charred crust is topped with parmagiano, evoo, oregano, and chopped freshly shucked local quahog. It doesn't get any fresher than this. I can't compare it to it's famous New Haven counterpart, but I can compare it it to Pizza Barbone, and it wins the battle of the 'best on Main St."

                                                              2. I have tried Showtime pizza;though I had the individual cheese slice. Am I missing out on something, because it just tasted like regular pizza. Do you have to get a whole pizza, or...?

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                                                                1. re: PopcornPidgeon

                                                                  Wow. That was an old rec, from over 7 years ago. But yes, the whole pies fresh out of the oven are much better than the slices. It's fairly standard pizza made with good ingredients and quality cheese. I guess it tastes better especially because they will deliver to the northside beaches in Dennis. How do you beat that?