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Dec 15, 2005 12:50 PM

Best Pizza on Cape Cod?

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ok...I'm aware of Sweet Tomatoes in Sandwich and Showtime in Dennis which are the best that I can find, although very different pies. Is there a hidden gem or holy grail I'm missing? Prefer MidCape or upper Cape areas. Thanks for any replies!

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  1. I like the pizza at the Binnacle in Orleans. Carmines in Chatham is good too...

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    1. re: lm

      Tried George's in Harwich, it was pretty good

      1. re: Ann

        My kids (and the adults here) love Zoe's in Mashpee Commons.

    2. There's Paul's, in Falmouth, for famous "bar-style" pizzas, and Spiritus, in P-Town, for thin crust. There's also a Sweet Tomatoes in E. Falmouth.

      1. Somebody down below already mentioned it, but I consider George's in Harwich Port an excellent pizza that should not be missed. I've been eating pizza all around the country (and abroad) for years, but when I get back to Harwich I always find George's to be among the best. Even snooty guests from so-called "pizza capitols" find it great. It's not a NY, New Haven, Chicago or Old Forge (PA) pie, but it is delicious. You oughtta try it.

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        1. re: billy

          I dunno, it sure tastes like standard Greek pizza to me.

          1. re: Puttyj

            I agree...seems like any "dime-a-dozen" greek pizza to me as well.

            1. re: capecodguy

              Ya, it's typical Greek Style Pizza and I love it..every time I am back on Cape Cod I head there...the best.

              1. re: Ann P.

                I had just about decided to let this thread pass into the archives without saying more, but since there is still some activity on the topic, I am moved to weigh in again.

                There is no arguing with people's tastes. Some like one thing, others another. Pizza is a perfect case in point, and, reading the various Chowhound boards, the prejudices people have about what the perfect pizza is become obvious.

                The original poster asked about where the best pizza on Cape Cod could be found. the poster did not ask for the best "New York style", best "New Haven style" or best "Chicago style."

                One poster, in a somewhat disparaging tone, dismissed an earlier suggestion as "ordinary Greek Style". Setting aside what makes it Greek (prepared by people whose forbears came from Greece?), I submit that virtually all pizza we can get easily in the U.S. these days is American in execution. Many visitors to Italy are shocked to find that the pizza there is nothing like "real" pizza back home.

                Three respondents in this thread mentioned George's in Harwich Port. Maybe that's "Greek-style", but if what the chains like Dominos and Pizza Hut sell is "Italian style", I'll take it any time. To me the proof is in the eating, and, if the crust and sauce are freshly made on the premises, I am willing to give it a shot. I am not enough of a purist to insist that the style of how it's prepared (on a greased pan in an oven or directly on the oven floor itself) is the determining factor of what constitutes a delicious pie. To my admittedly aging tongue, George's is worth tasting.

                Sorry for the long post.

                1. re: billy

                  I 100% take back my "dime-a-dozen" Greek pizza comment. Just got back from Georges and shared a large sausage and onion with the DW. Yes, it's "Greek-style" pan pizza, and yes, it's excellent and delicious. Nice crunchy and chewy crust, nice quality cheese and toppings with a flavorful crust. Plus, with a large two topping costing around $13 it qualifies as a bargain. One can do much worse than George's on the Cape, or anywhere else for that matter.

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          1. Thanks, PizzaLover, but you've missed the Cape by a couple of hundred miles. Not sure Big Daddy's would deliver here! :)

            Big Daddy's
            RR 1, Wells, ME 04090

            1. re: jillian

              I think pizzaloveer is referring to Big Daddy's Pizza, Route 28, Cotuit. See link:

              1. re: Afar

                Yes, but is it any good? Have you tried it? (I'm always a bit cautious about a person with a single only post)

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  Haha, point well made; and, of course, you are right. No have not tried it. All I have ever bought in the place is a losing lotto ticket.

                  1. re: Afar

                    You know what they say about the lottery? It's just a tax for those that suck at math!

                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                      OK here's a very very hidden gem, happens to be near big daddy's in cotuit -- The Cotuit General Store on Main St. -- good place to pick up a pizza if you are in the neighborhood for a Kettleers game. Crust not as thin as sweet tomatoes; it has a nice char. Sauce is good, lots of herbs. Toppings lean towards the sophisticated.

                      Along Rte 28, I'd probably pick pizza wave (marstons Mills) or pizza prima (mashpee, next to polar cave) ahead of big daddy's, and that one ahead of pizza 1 subs 2 (osterville). all of those are very basic neighborhood pizzerias. Big Daddy's, when it was called Pepper's Pantry, was famous for sandwiches at lunch time -- jammed with landscaper trucks -- not sure if that's still true.

                      1. re: cape year rounder

                        Pepper's trade seems to have held solid at Daddy's. The General Store has gone through a variety or food presentations or iterations over the past two decades yet never disappoints. Always a great little store. Frequently carrying home made products from locals. The cycle of operations is always interesting and I'll bet your right about the pizza. I'll visit soon and get a pizza.

                        1. re: cape year rounder

                          Finally made it to The Cotuit General Store. What a lovely place! I had not visited for over a year. However, pizza is made on Thursday, Friday & Saturday only. Beginning in the Spring - every day. They have a big display of Everything Cranberry the wonderful cookies, bread, short cake, trail mix, etc. of Karen Esposito at Far and away the best cranberry cookie anywhere. Bell& Evans whole chicken, scones and breads, and quick dinner foods. Thanks cyr for getting me through the door again. Loved it.

                          1. re: cape year rounder

                            Thank you cyr! The pizza at the Cotuit Fresh Market (The Cotuit General Store) is terrific. We finally indulged tonight in a large green pepper, mushroom, onion, olive and fresh sliced tomato. It was delicious. Everything we want about a pizza to be great was indeed great. They make large and small and took twenty minutes to have it ready. We will return again soon. We thought it was better then Paul's or Sweet Tomatoes Falmouth, Wicked or Zoe's Mashpee or Palio Hyannis. Paul's & Palio are good but CFM is tops. Yup, "a very hidden gem".

                            Sweet Tomatoes
                            421 E Falmouth Hwy, East Falmouth, MA 02536

              2. Onset is technically off cape but ifyou are willing to make the trip, Marc Anthony's has fantastic pizza.

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                1. re: joth68

                  Agreed. The crust is terrific and cheese quality quite high, but the sauce is very bland and unappetizing.

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    Well, it took a while but finally did happen: pizza to Palio Pizzeria, Main Street, Hyannis. You recommended Palio to me some time ago and I hope I get back soon. Simply outstanding for a thin crust presentation. We had veggie: green pepper, mushroom, & onion. The pie is not ladled with tons of tomato sauce, which is important to me. As you know it was kinda cold today. We made the mistake of sitting at a booth next to a large window at the street-side. After the first piping hot yummy slice, the pie went cold - our mistake for not sitting at a table closer to the ovens. Cold or hot - loved it.

                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                      Marc Anthony's is definitely the best pizza I've had anywhere in the vicinity of the Cape. If you want something on-Cape, the Chapoquoit Grill on 28A in Falmouth has great thin-crust, brick-oven gourmet pizza. It's not very filling, so grab a couple for take out.