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Nov 4, 2000 08:43 PM

Little Japanese/Sushi Place on Laguna and Sutter

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A friend of mine came across this place and suggested trying it out. It didn'thave a large sign or anything, but a small thing on the door seemed to indicate that it's called Kiss Seafood or something like that. This immaculate place seats 12 and turned out to be quite good for the price.

We had the omakase dinner which offered 7 courses plus dessert (grapes and fig) at $35.

Some hightlights:

I really enjoyed this appetizer that consisted of a jelly made from broth and had chunks of vegetables and fish embedded in it. I liked this a lot!

The sashimi course had an excellent prawn sashimi. The cut of maguro (tuna) here was also nice but a notch below some of the better ones I had.

The sushi course with just 3 things (salmon roe, tuna, and halibut) was also worthwhile.

The chawan mushi (savory egg custard with fish and vegetables) was also silky and wonderful.

Their miso soup was too mild and not as tasty.

Portions and timing was just right. But I would have loved more sushi.

Has anyone else been there? Love to hear a second opinion.

On a different note, I had a kaiseiki dinner at Kyo-ya last week, which was very enjoyable and not too outrageously priced ($60, which included a serving of pretty good sake). The portions were generous, beautifully presented and well prepared. I loved their cashew crusted eel. Only complaint was the pacing - the food came out too quickly.

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  1. I loved the kaiseki dinners (called "seasonal dinners") I ate at a restaurant somewhere near the U.S. embassy in Tokyo in 1993. About $85 brought course after course of absolutely mysterious and fun foods. The most comical episode was two small freshwater fish that apparently only run once a year for a couple of weeks, so they really were seasonal. These fish, with bodies bright blue on top and silver-white on the bottom, were presented in all their glory sitting up on their fins as though swimming across the plate (fried I suppose, but not at all greasy). I asked how to eat them, and was told to gently roll them to loosen their spines, then break off the head, careully loosen the tail, and pull the spine out in one piece. Finding this inconceivable, I just ate one of the fish as best I could. Meanwhile, the head waitress came over to demonstrate on the second fish. But unfortunately, many apologies followed as she proceeded to completely mangle it. My boss, quietly enjoying a steak teriyaki dinner that cost about $125, diplomatically disguised his bemusement. Then there was the dessert that looked like an eyeball suspended in clear gelatin...

    In the Bay Area, I have had kaiseki dinners only at Fuki Sushi in Palo Alto. They were fine, and the private tatami room was comfortable, but it was neither an adventure nor a great value. I almost went to Sanraku Four Seasons for kaiseki (recommended in Patricia Unterman's Food Lover's Guide to San Francisco) but had to cancel at the last moment. Anyone tried it or have other recommendations?