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Nov 20, 2005 07:33 PM

vietnamese in springfield ma

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I was in Springfield mass doing odd jobs for my sister and she took me to a neighborhood vietnamese resturaunt that was excellent. It was called VINH CHAU and it is on Dickson St. Directly across the street is a very fancy vietnamese resturaunt as well. Has anyone tried it?

Any other ethnic possibilities in Sprinfield?

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  1. just a correction, it is Dickinson St., at "the X"; and just a few blocks up Belmont Ave. is another Viet Namese restaurant that I think is even better.

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    1. re: John

      So, what is the name of this "great restaurant on Belmont Ave"?

    2. The place across the street is Pho Saigon and it's excellent.. Great pho, bun dishes, and ban xao.
      Pho Saigon and Sitar (Indian) are my two favorite restaurants in Springfield...

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        i second those two places! i used to live in springfield and would frequent both those places often. i also like Authentica....extremely good New Mexican take out joint. they get their chiles straight from hatch, nm!

      2. After reading several recommendations for Pho Saigon and since I would be working in nearby Wilbraham, I headed over there today only to find that they are closed on Wednesdays.

        The bright side was that Vinh Chau (right across the street) was open and it was very good. I ordered off the specials menu - bun mam (rice vermicelli noodles with fish, shrimp and pork in soup). I loved it. With a fresh lemonade my entire lunch was $10.00 (including tip) and I was stuffed!

        1. Went back on Monday to try Pho Saigon and it was even better than Vinh Chau. Had the Bun Bo Hue (#15) and it was really rich and spicy. This restaurant is a little nicer decor-wise and the prices are a little bit higher, but not by that much.

          They also have a Vietnamese beer but I didn't try time when I don't have to go back to work.