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Nov 9, 2005 09:05 AM

Freeport, ME choices for lunch and dinner

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I searched for information on restaurants in Freeport, ME for lunch and dinner recommendations. It appears many people enjoy the Harakeeset Inn. The Inn has a tavern as well as a more formal restaurant.

I realize the obvious choice of the Tavern would be more casual and maybe better for lunch -- or is that true? Would it also be a good choice for dinner? Or is the restaurant in the Inn preferred?

We will be in Freeport for one night only. Are there better recommendations for both lunch and dinner?

I appreciate your help.

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  1. A post last week recommended Muddy Rudder.
    "The true culinary highlight of Freeport was the Muddy Rudder, recommended by a really nice woman at the LL Bean fishing store. The gf and I shared some mozzarella sticks which were absolutley awesome and I had the Lobster Pie, she had the Lobster Roll. The food here was outstanding."

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    1. re: Rob

      no, please no. Not Muddy River. The food is Cysco/frozen caliber. It is not "outstanding". It is mediocre.
      Now, the Harraseeket Inn and Arrow Tavern. There they have chefs. Who cook. Food. The kitchens at Harraseeket are outstanding. Truly. (and tavern is a great deal for wonderful real cooking; I like their buffet lunch. No, I love it)

      1. re: willow

        oops. I meant to dis Muddy Rudder. (Rt 1 just south of downtown Freeport)

        1. re: willow

          You are so right.....
          Muddy Rudder is Sysco Frozen Food dumped into a deep fat fryer....

        2. re: Rob

          Haven't been to the Muddy Rudder in years but they used to have the BEST clam chowder!

          1. re: Rob

            The Muddy Rudder is not even FRESH food, and is very mediocre. I'm shocked to find a chowhounder call it the culinary highlight of Freeport.

          2. My choice is the HARROSEEKET INN, or a restaurant in freeport that we enjoyed the 3-4 times we went there by the name of "Mediterranean Grill" Living 15 minutes away from Freeport gives us many opportunities for dining, Muddy Rudder is not one that we frequent or even go to because its mostly for tourists.

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            1. re: Irwin

              Thank you for your post. I called the Inn -- although the restaurant looks beautiful, I also liked the looks of the Tavern. The Tavern doesn't take reservations so I may call back to reserve the dining room. That's definitely a good suggestion; we may also try to go to dinner in Portland. Portland seems to have a wide variety of places to dine. I have only tried Fore Street, so that's an option as well. Thanks again.

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              Lighthouse Hunter

              For great pub food and fresh beer, try Gritty McDuff's, if you are in a more casual mood.
              My mother enjoyed the barley encrusted fish on our last trip.
              The Freeport Inn gets good reports for inexpensive breakfasts and lunches.
              Buck's Naked BBQ (old Rt.1), again casual, has been trying to put Freeport on the BBQ map with some success.
              Next door to Buck's is Classic Custard (old Rt.1), while not sure if open at this time of season, served up fabulous authentic frozen custard when we last stopped this August.
              And if in the mood for something different, try scheduling a tour of the new Vodka distillery Cold River Vodka.


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              1. re: Lighthouse Hunter

                Thank you so much for your post. I enjoyed reading your recommendations and was surprised to learn about Cold River Vodka. Sounds like and interesting and fun place and we LOVE vodka martinis so this site will surely interest us. The Chowhounds come through every time. A big thank you.

                1. re: Lighthouse Hunter

                  Ate @ Buck's Naked BBQ today for lunch. The catfish fingers appetiser was outstanding. Tender inside, properly crunchy on the outside. Try the "have to ask for" hot sauces. Had to take some of it home, portions are huge. Their chef enjoys his profession, quite obviously.

                2. I just wanted to weigh in on the question of whether the "tavern" at the Harraseeket is okay for dinner. An emphatic, "YES". It's not a tavern or bar in the true sense of the word. I love the wood burning oven that you can see from some tables. I had a terrific beef and scallop dish there a few years ago. I have been several times since and it is consistently good.

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                  1. re: Chef Sofee

                    Just returned from Freeport and I enjoyed my visit. We had Marriott points to use, so we stayed at the Fairmont. We had made a reservation for dinner on Saturday evening at the Harraskeet Inn in the main dining room. When we arrived at 7:45pm, the dining room was lovely and basically empty. A few people were seated at the bar for drinks. We ventured down the hall to the Tavern, and it was clearly the place to be. Many people were waiting to be seated and the Tavern appealled to us more than the dining room, simply because it seemed more lively; the dining room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. We put our name on the wait list and we were assured of a 50 minute wait. We ordered drinks at the bar in the maining dining room and sat in the large, lovely room near the fireplace and waited to be called. Well the 45 minutes was a pleasant wait with a good drink but the wait time did stretch to 90 minutes. At the Tavern, we were seated near the fireplace mentioned and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal which was one of the specials. My husband and I both had the pork tenderloin, with a nice, tasty light gravy, buttermilk mashed potatoes and spaghetti squash. We expected the wait--a little longer than we thought--no complaints, though; good drinks, great food, fun atmosphere. I'm sure the dining room is wonderful and I would give it a try but it all depends on what atmosphere you're looking for. Really enjoyed my visit.

                    PS: Wanted to to visit the Vodka distillery mentioned; heard great things about it, but never got there. It's another reason to return.

                  2. No one has mentioned some of my favorite Freeport spots (and I live here)
                    Azure Cafe (downtown) has a lovely Italian lunch at reasonable prices with excellent service. Owner Jonas Werner aims to please, and does a great job of it.
                    I hate to give away this secret, but Conundrum by the big Indian is a terrific dinner spot and grown-up hangout. Great food and ambiance, excellent wine selection, funky "martinis," great service. Very reasonably priced.
                    China Rose has good Chinese, Thai Garden has good Thai food, especially the Gai Yarng.
                    We also really like both restaurants in the Harraseeket Inn.
                    Gritty McDuffs is a fun pub, with a diverse menu, but average food and VERY slow service.
                    There's also a new take-out, Clementine's, with good food, but a bit on the pricey side.
                    Foodies might also want to check out Freeport Wine & Cheese on Bow Street. Lots of treats and good wines there.

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                    1. re: MangiaMuse

                      Do you know the address for Clementine's?


                      1. re: Hillary

                        Sorry...Clementine's is closed in case you didn't know this.

                      2. re: MangiaMuse

                        Shhhh! Conundrum owns north-of-Portland -- but no one seems to know about it!