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Oct 22, 2005 02:21 PM

Any Home-made Old-Fashioned Donuts Made in CT???

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We don't like the donuts at Dunkin Donuts or the donut chains. We are looking for the special kind of home-made or fried doughnuts that bakeries years ago made. Are there any out there?

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  1. Luke's donuts in Avon, CT.

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    1. re: FarFar

      Priase the Lard!!!!

    2. Rogers Orchard in Southington makes apple cider donuts only (with or without sugar). They have been making them for years and they are excellent.

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      1. re: Paul

        I 2nd Rogers. I made a mistake up top and said they wer ein Wolcott.

        1. re: Richie

          Actually, you didn't make a mistake, Richie. Rogers' main operation is in Southington near the Western end of Shuttle Meadow reservoir. But they have a satellite store in Wolcott near the Southington line about halfway up the mountain.

          1. re: FarFar

            Thanks,that's the one we stopped at. Now I want some donuts again!

            1. re: Richie

              If you're in the Southington area and in the mood for cider donuts, another source is Lewis' Farm Stand at the intersection of Meriden Ave.and Belleview Ave. They have very good cider donuts as well. Better than Rogers' in my wife's opinion.

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        Philips Diner in Woodbury. These are the old-fashioned cake type. They are wonderful. We especially like the chocolate glazed. Not too many varieties to choose from...all are excellent though.

        While you are there, pick up a few small frozen chicken pot pies for dinner. Delish.

        1. Lakeside Diner in Stamford, CT just off exit 34 on the Merritt Pkwy. (Coincidentally, there's a Dunkin Donuts across the streeet.)

          A former employee of theirs now runs the Parkway Diner off exit 35 and makes the same type of doughnuts, but they're not as good as the ones at Lakeside.

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          1. re: Duncan

   Lakeside donuts. Great coffee too, and I can't think of a nicer surprise than the view of the lake, especially this time of year.

            1. re: TD

              great breakfast place and the beautiful view is a surprise - how is the food the rest of the day?

              1. re: jen kalb

                It's fine...typical diner fare, though the cheesesteaks are yummy!

          2. Elmood Bakery in the Elmwood section of West Hartford (on New Britain Ave.) makes excellent doughnuts. They have about 10 kinds including cinnamon-sugar raised, old fashioned, boston cream, crullers, chocolate covered and jelly filled. They also have a bunch of other goodies in there too!

   Vernon (not exactly sure about the location) there's a great place called Boston Bakery that has the BEST old school Boston Cream doughnuts ever!