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Oct 21, 2005 03:06 PM

Nicks on Broadway/Providence

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Okay, I know I'm coming really late to the party, but I finally made it to Nick's today for lunch. Wow! I had the omelet special.....rosemary ham, capicola, roasted red peppers, baby spinach & mozz. Home fries were a mix of red bliss & sweet potatoes (!!), and crispy as all get out. Nicely seasoned (mild). For toast I chose walnut raisin, which they grill rather than actually toast. Everything was wonderful. When I grabbed the salt shaker and found it was kosher salt, I almost cried from happiness - it made the meal. I'll be back soon.

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  1. Hey, better late than never! No snobs here on the West Side! Actually, even though I own a place off Westminster, I don't home very often since moving in my boyfriend in Boston...Has Nick's moved into their larger space down the street on Broadway (I heard this rumor mid-summer from one of the local shop owners)! Incidentally, I love Nick's!

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    1. re: a l i c e

      The space is still under construction - you can see it from the street, in the 500's on the south side of Bway. we're really looking forward to the larger space now that it's getting cold outside!

      1. re: a l i c e
        Elizabeth Field

        Was just at Nick's the other day. Fabulous post-modern breakfast: expertly prepared greasy-spoon dishes without the grease. All the friendliness of a local diner packed into a teeny space with cool, angular acquamarine wall sculptures. New place not open yet, but supposed to at any time.

      2. This place is perfect. Efficient, highly detailed, and delicious. Best breakfast in Providence. Favorites: Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Prosciutto breakfast sandwich. Buttermilk hotcakes. New place rocks.

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        1. re: Debrouillard

          Has anyone been there for dinner? How big is the new place and where exactly is it? Is it on Westminster street now?

        2. I am good now, found out where it is. Still wondering about their dinner chow, though.

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          1. re: Jenkins

            Just went there for the first time. I thought it was over priced, and over crowded- someone waiting on line held the door open the whole time and it was freezing. Spent $27 for two people (with no drinks) on a breakfast that just wasnt that great.

            1. re: littlerockturtle

              I wouldn't have hesitated to ask one of the employees to tell that person to shut the door. But I can't imagine a breakfast that "just wasn't that great"......I think everything I've had there has been nothing short of wonderfu.

          2. I just went there last weekend and had the best eggs benedict I've ever had. Their hollandaise sauce was out of this world. The only downside is that it took a really long time for us to get seats and we ended up sitting at the bar.

            1. Their seating situation is messed up and it should have been planned out better.
              While the food is great, I think its starting to become a bit overrated. I have had much more inventive and tasteful brunch/breakfast meals at other places (outside of RI). It is very nice to have though and makes a nice counterpart to julians, which by the way I also think is great.

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              1. re: Sambossanova

                So now that you all know where it is, would you please share that info with the rest of us?

                Drove up and down Broadway a week or so ago, and didn't see it.

                Love to hear a dinner review as well, if anyone can give a report.

                1. re: photorc

                  If coming from downtown, it's quite a ways down....almost to the Rt 6 overpass. It'll be on the left, in a storefront that includes a bike shop (I think?) and a convenience store.

                  Sambossanova, I totally agree....I can't believe they made such a big deal out of a move that gave them so little in the way of increased seating. I also agree about Julian's being excellent....but (and I think I'm in the minority here) I find the surroundings to be very unpleasant.....ugly, rundown, depressing. Crappy loud music - much as I like the food I rarely go, because I feel "down" the minute I walk thru the door.

                  1. re: JaneRI

                    that's odd, i have the exact opposite reaction. I find the food to be very so-so, but the surroundings fun, congenial and comfortable. And the music is usually pretty damn good, much better than most restaurants, since a lot of the people working there are artists and musicians. I guess it's not everyone's taste...

                    I find it odd that people feel entitled to complain about Nick's being crowded--it's not their fault that they're so good, and it's not their responsibility to expand their seating to meet 100% of demand at all times.

                    1. re: celeriac

                      how has julian's been lately? we used to frequent the place, but a few months ago we noticed a drop in food quality (along with changes in the kitchen) and have not been back since

                      1. re: 02903

                        I was there last weekend and I think it's back up to par...

                        1. re: celeriac

                          i went on saturday for dinner and had a fantastic meal. great drinks, entrees (sirloin and tuna specials), and dessert (s'mores pound cake with a cocunut mousse). and i also love the atmosphere!

                          1. re: tomatosoup

                            I'll have to try it for dinner (I've only done lunch) - they always have wonderful specials.

                  2. re: photorc

                    Probably the reason you did not find it it because, in true Providence fashion, there isnt any signage.

                    If you are coming from downtown, it is on the left hand side. Between Harkness and Tobey street. There is an insurance shop, art gallery, and convenience store in the same little strip of storefronts.

                    As far as them gaining space in the new place, they gained a lot of space for the kitchen. I would argue that is just as important as increased seating for customers. I dont think they necessarily wanted to increase the seating space.

                    1. re: basachs

                      I have no problem with the fact that they did not want a larger space for seating but they should have designed the space so that more than 8 or so people can be waiting inside since they know that there are always waits for brunch on weekends. Its Providence and its freeing in the winter, and its been freezing in the spring too.

                      1. re: Sambossanova

                        Again, they are not in the business of designing large waiting areas for customers. As you say, they can accomodate 8 or so people waiting for a table. Not their fault they are so crowded.

                        There are tons of restaurants in PVD that have horrible waiting areas. Julian's, Bravo etc. People wait because the food is good.