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Oct 20, 2005 12:11 PM

b-day dinner, other meals near Colrain/Shelborne Falls MA?

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This weekend my sweetheart is taking me away to a B&B in Colrain MA for my birthday. I would love to have a really nice dinner while we're out there. We've been to the area a few years ago and had okay meals in Shelborne Falls, nothing to really sing about. Does anyone have any suggestions for someplace in the area?

We like just about everything. It doesn't have to be really fancy (though fancy is an option, birthdays are only once a year, after all) but yummy and intimate would be excellent.

We will also be exploring the area over the weekend, so other suggestions anywhere around there (including over the border into VT) would be welcome. Diners, local cuisine, anything chowish would be great.


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  1. f
    formr valley goer

    Bottle of Bread,
    right by the bridge of flowers in shelburne.
    intimate, pleasant, fresh

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      I agree. It would be a wonderful choice. Reasonable prices, charming location, good food.

    2. I definitely concur with formr velley goer that Bottle of Bread is a fantastic place to go for an intimate birthday dinner. I would, however, like to point out a couple of other places that might be worth checking out in Shelburne Falls. One is Cafe Martin, on Bridge Street. It is tiny and a bit cramped, but the food is honest and good and the atmosphere is delightful. Full disclosure here: I work there. I would not work there if I did not think the place was great and the owner fantastic. But I do work there. Open for lunch and dinner. Also, the Tusk 'n' Rattle, one block over. Slightly more innovative cuisine. Cuban-Indian fusion. I've never eaten there, but people love it and it has a great bar scene if you want a nightcap after your meal. Shelburne Falls is a tiny town, so this is a big deal. Other than these three places, there really isn't much else to rave about unless you travel to Northampton or Amherst. We are pretty small up here, but well served by the restaurants we have.

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        Sounds like the Bottle of Bread may be your b-day place, but definitely try Tusk 'n' Rattle if you have room for another meal. We tried it on the advice of a friend who lives in the area - food was interesting and tasty and service was delightful.

      2. Highly recommend you visit West County Cider winery on Greenfield Road, about 2 miles from Colrain center. Excellent variety of hard ciders, as well as other local food products.

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          Forgot to mention that Gould's Sugar House restaurant is still open for the fall season through next weekend, every day 8:30am-2:00pm. Located right on Route 2 a couple of miles east of Shelburne Falls. Go for breakfast or lunch for some of the best pancakes and corn fritters you ever tasted. Have them with the locally made pork sausage, mmmmm. Don't forget to take home some maple syrup from the shop.

        2. Sorry folks....the bottle of bread burnt down last year and they are not going to reopen....a sad thing in our area...Try Martins on Bridge ST. just around the conner.

          1. You're not THAT far from West Dover, VT from there - for a fancy meal take the drive and go to the Inn at Sawmill Farm. It's pricey, but worth it.