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Oct 22, 2000 09:30 PM


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howdy, I want to send some friends to mariposa in windsor. does anyone have a tel #?? also how far is it from ravenswood apprx?? nice atmosphere?? open for lunch?? also any comments on willow wood in graton for brunch?? many thx in adv. ciao

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  1. I'm going to Mariposa this weekend and will post my thoughts afterwards. Phone number is (707) 838-0162. I think the drive from Ravenswood and the Sonoma square is about 30-45 minutes by car. This is by the back roads though where the traffic is slower because the roads are quite curvy. If you go 101N, this may be a bit faster. The backroads make a great drive though!

    1. If there's no traffic, I'd allow at least 45 mins to get from Ravenswood to Windsor. And, stay away from 101, it's gridlocked through Santa Rosa on Saturdays between 11am to 6pm. They should check a map for the turnoff from Hwy 12 that takes them to Fountaingrove parkway which will deposit them on the northside of Santa Rosa to resume on Hwy 101.

      Keep in mind that Willowood is closed on Sundays, if that was their brunch date.