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Oct 19, 2000 02:10 AM

What's my name?

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Anyone remember the name of a restaurant on the S.F. waterfront, a moored vessel (I believe), and the ship's captain aka chef prepared delicious dessert soufles (sp?). A novelty, yes, and quite fun to do once a year. Unfortunately, it's been 5+ years since my last visit but I do remember walking up a gangplank, etc. but not their name. And any review/critique update is also welcome. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Caryl--

    I think you'd attract more attention (and help keep our board indexes more informative) by choosing more descriptive subject titles, in this case something more like "Floating Restaurant in SF" (in fact, I've just switched the subject title to that in my reply).

    Our standard line re: message titles is to suggest that people choose titles they themselves--as readers of these boards--would find helpful in determining whether a given thread was of interest. "What's My Name?" doesn't convey much.


    1. I see you have no answer so far, only a dressing down for committing what appears to be a major faux pas. i have racked my brain to try to come up with your restaurant. I can only think of Forbes Island, which I don't think was around 5 years ago, or a ship on land where I vaguely remember a gangplank, some blocks South of Market along the Embarcadero. Don't know the name and never heard of the food.

      Can you think of any more specifics?

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      1. re: Anne

        Thanks for your kind words, Ann. I remember it was very romatic,couples-oriented and a small group celebrating an occasion. I went with a group for dessert as a final destination point at the end of an evening and it was perfect. Thought it would be fun to do for dinner. But don't know of the cuisine or menu. Not much help but I do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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        judy leibovitch

        I think you might mean the Sailing Ship Dolph Rempp Restaurant which is moored at Pier 42.


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        1. re: judy leibovitch

          Judy, thank you, thank you, thank you. That's it! It was becoming painful trying to recall the restaurant's name. Have you dined there and if so, any opinion?

          1. re: Caryl Aaron
            judy leibovitch

            I dined there 12 years ago, so my info is really stale. At that time, I believe the menu was primarily french; escargot en croute comes to mind. It was very romantic and I believe that I enjoyed the meal, although that may have been because of my companion. If you dine there, would love an update.


            1. re: judy leibovitch

              Consider it done! And thanks again.

              1. re: Caryl Aaron
                Paul Spiegel

                For a REAL floating restaurant, and a wild experience, try Forbes Island off of Pier 39-41. It's a true artificial island, complete with palm trees and a lighthouse, with a restaurant belowdecks that's a Captain Nemo fantasy. The food's quite good for a place that you'd think would sell itself on atmosphere.

                1. re: Paul Spiegel

                  Thanks, it's on my list. Saw those "adorable" boats that jitney you to the island, read some positive reviews and put the restaurant on the list for an evening when the weather is fine. Will let you know my experience.

              2. re: judy leibovitch

                Called at 10 AM to make a reservation for dinner the following day. This is so strange: the woman said the chef would have to buy food and it was probably too late. Dah... So, I guess the diner should allow ample number of days for the chef to shop. They may not be in business much longer. Imagine going for a haircut and being told there are no scissors?

                1. re: Caryl Aaron
                  judy leibovitch

                  Sad, very sad.