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Oct 18, 2000 01:40 PM

looking for gumbo

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anyone know of a place to get exceptional gumbo?

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  1. I have not tried gumbo there yet, but I think that the Crescent City Cafe might be a good bet. It's on Haight around Masonic or so... I have only been there for breakfast, but it has delivered on the red bean omelette and biscuits and gravy, so I think it's probably a good bet for a bowl of gumbo. Probably not transcendent, but tasty.

    You might try looking through the food archives on - I seem to recall both Cheap Eats and a superlist of NOLA-style food establishments...


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    1. re: Mike Zurer

      Try the Gingerbread house in West Oakland. Also good there: whole roast pheasant.

      1. re: Louise M.

        Excellent suggestion! I have yet to eat at Gingerbread House, and I've been planning to for more than 20 years now. When I first heard about it, you had to order your meal in advance. Now I understand that you don't have to do that but that there are still some dishes that require advance order. Is the roast pheasant one of these?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Gingerbread house has a limited number of items that you don't need ot order way in advance (gumbo, jambalaya, red beasn abd rice). You do need to make your reservation in advance. The pheasant is not one of these, probably because you get a whole pheasant and they don't want to guess how many they'll need. Also good: rabbit, sole with shrimp sauce. Not so great: the lamb.

          1. re: LouiseM

            I'll get there some day. Thanks for the pointers.

    2. I had a bowl of rooster/shellfish file gumbo at the counter at Catahoula in Calistoga tonight. Very good, it's still burning a hole in my tummy . . .

      1. Greetings!

        You might want to give PJ's Oyster Bed a call. I don't recall whether gumbo was on the menu, but I do remember the oysters, the crawdads, the several bottles of wine consumed, and a great time. It's in the Sunset between 8th and 9th on Irving. 566-7775.
        good luck!


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        1. re: Brandon

          PJ's does have a fairly good gumbo - I had it there a while ago. I felt that the food was good but slightly expensive (entrees in the very high teens or twenties).

          They used to be a fantastic lunch spot but they've stopped serving lunch now. Bummer.

          1. re: Limster

            True That!

            The place is a little spendy. I'm a confirmed crawfish junky though, when they're in season I'll splurge!


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          judy leibovitch

          I'm not 100% sure they have gumbo, but the Elite Cafe on Fillmore has good creole/cajun food. The barbecued shrimp wasn't quite as good as at Pascal Manale's in N'awlins, but it did hit the spot.

          1. Melanie is absolutely right about Gingerbread House. It is such a unique experience. The first time I took my husband there he was not thrilled about the neighborhood (under 880, next to Bart tracks, across from Oakland jail) but once he ate he understood. So overlook the location--the food and service is worth it.