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Oct 17, 2000 04:57 AM

Help! Dinner for 15 peole this Thurs. night near Union Square

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This is my first post, and I've been reading the great stuff for some time and need some advice.

I need to make reservations for this Thursday night for 15 people. I'm looking to get a nice place that we can have a good time while enjoying a quality meal (Ameriacan style, Japanese, Seafood, etc..). Since we are all staying in Union Square, something within 10-20 minutes would be ideal (would the Wharf be good?). Even better if anyone has suggestion on private / party rooms and such...just need lots of help as if you couldn't tell. Thanks in advance :)...


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  1. That is terribly short notice, so you will have to take what you can get. What price range?

    The wharf is mostly terrible unless your group has no taste. Having said that disclaimer, I did once arrange a business dinner for 16 at McCormick and Kuleto which is a large seafood restaurant in Ghiradelli Square with a killer view. We were seated at two circular tables in the window. It turned out to be really nice, and the guests from out of town were impressed.929-1730

    One Market Restaurant, at the foot of Market street across from the Hyatt Regency may be able to accommodate you. They have semiprivate rooms in the back of the restaurant, and sometimes they can set up in the artium in back and that would be like having a private room. They do modern American food with seasonal ingredients very well.

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      Thank you for you help and suggestions!!!

    2. Had to eat a little early, but the new chef there is very good, the meal was excellent and prices were good. Last minute is hard, but at least it's a Wednesday. If that doesnt work, maybe try Shanghai 1930 or if you dont mind paying up, Campton Place or Pacific (both in Union Square) - these 2 hotel restaurants are very good and rarely if ever full. Good luck.

      1. Try to snag the large table in the middle of the dining room at Dine (Mission and 3rd). Be sure to get the seared chicken livers with bacon, grapes and greens for the appetizer.

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          thank you all for your help!