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Oct 4, 2005 08:36 PM

Taste Of New England

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Next year I have a couple of friends from England coming over to the States to enjoy a little of Autumn in New England. We are starting in Boston (and I have contacted the Boston ChowHounds).

From Boston we are off to Kennebunkport; Boothbay Harbor; Brenton Woods, NH (Mt. Washington); Barnet, VT; Shelburne, VT; and Deerfield, MA.

Does anyone have any suggestions on places to eat that will give our guests unique New England experiences.

Any advice is appreciated by this Mid-Atlantic ChowHound.

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  1. maybe you should post this next year then...

    1. my suggestion: pick better destinations, eg., Boothbay Harbor is a tourist trap.


      1. Personally, I love Boothbay Harbor. Try 93 Townsend for dinner, Lobster Dock for lunch and Blue Moon for breakfast...

        Of course, it's better after Labor Day when all the local folks come out of hiding :-)

        1. I'd run up to Pemaquid Point and to see the lighthouse and to have lunch at the Sea Gull Shop right next door on the ocean with a great view then I'd head over to New Harbor( next harbor up) and go to Shaw's Lobster Pound.
          This is a working harbor and your guests will get to see lobster boats coming in and going out and you can have more food while watching all these harbor workings.

          1. For your Barnet, VT portion of your trip. Go to the Creamery Restaurant in Danville. Be sure to have the maple cream pie for dessert if it's available. Elements in St. Johnsbury gets rave reviews on this board as well, but havent been yet myself.