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Next year I have a couple of friends from England coming over to the States to enjoy a little of Autumn in New England. We are starting in Boston (and I have contacted the Boston ChowHounds).

From Boston we are off to Kennebunkport; Boothbay Harbor; Brenton Woods, NH (Mt. Washington); Barnet, VT; Shelburne, VT; and Deerfield, MA.

Does anyone have any suggestions on places to eat that will give our guests unique New England experiences.

Any advice is appreciated by this Mid-Atlantic ChowHound.

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  1. maybe you should post this next year then...

    1. my suggestion: pick better destinations, eg., Boothbay Harbor is a tourist trap.

      Link: http://www.primorestaurant.com/home.cfm

      1. Personally, I love Boothbay Harbor. Try 93 Townsend for dinner, Lobster Dock for lunch and Blue Moon for breakfast...

        Of course, it's better after Labor Day when all the local folks come out of hiding :-)

        1. I'd run up to Pemaquid Point and to see the lighthouse and to have lunch at the Sea Gull Shop right next door on the ocean with a great view then I'd head over to New Harbor( next harbor up) and go to Shaw's Lobster Pound.
          This is a working harbor and your guests will get to see lobster boats coming in and going out and you can have more food while watching all these harbor workings.

          1. For your Barnet, VT portion of your trip. Go to the Creamery Restaurant in Danville. Be sure to have the maple cream pie for dessert if it's available. Elements in St. Johnsbury gets rave reviews on this board as well, but havent been yet myself.

            1. GO to Five Islands- a turnoff the road after the bridge in Bath. Such a beautiful place. Stemaed clams, lobsters, corn, potatoes, crab claws; also fish sandwiches, lobster rolls etc. Sit ouside at picnic benches and look out over the harbor with the five pine covered islands. Such a beautiful place and yummy food- a real Maine experience.

              1. Don't forget Al's Frys in Burlington!

                1. Boothbay folds up and dies after Labor Day, when in Autumn will you be coming? I assume for leaf peeping, which is usually best the first week in October. If your coming in October, I'd forget about Boothbay, unless you have a particular reason for going there. If you go to Boothbay, stop at Red's Eats in Wiscassett, ME for a lobster roll. Depending on when your here, Red's may be closed for the season. I also recommend that you look at www.hollyeats.com for his "eating the New England coast" section.

                  On the way to Kennebunkport, stop in Ipswitch, MA (Rt1A) at the Clam Box for some wicked good full belly fried clams. I don't care what Holly says, the Clam Box is the best of the fried clam spots on Cape Ann.

                  For high end (big $) food in Kennebunkport - go to the White Barn Inn, if your willing to drive a little, Arrows in Ogunquit.

                  The Kennebunkport Inn would be a good example of local cuisine in a traditional environment.

                  I have a friend from the UK that loves to have lobster rolls when here. Lobster in a bun is so quaint. You can search here for lobster roll recommendations, or just get them every chance you get, which will be often, and decide for yourselves which ones you like.

                  You might take your English friends to a place in Biddeford, ME called the Jewell of India for a curry fix, curious to get an Englishmans' opinion of the place.

                  No comment on the other locations.

                  1. I can give you a few recommendations for the Shelburne area. Definitely do dinner at Starry Night Cafe on Route 7, just south of Shelburne - great creative food from local products in a lovely atmosphere. The menu is constantly rotating, so It's hard to suggest specific dishes (besides the cornmeal-crusted calamari which they always have), but everything's good.

                    Also try brunch at Shelburne Farms, and do a tour of the inn and gardens afterwards. Then go over to the working farm to try the cheddar they make there, and load up on rolls at O Bread bakery.

                    If you go up to Burlington, I like Trattoria Delia for Italian, a Single Pebble for upscale Chinese, and Four Corners of the Earth for a great selection of sandwiches in a bizarrely decorated cafe... greek artichoke and japanese tuna are particular faves of mine.

                    1. Five Islands Lobster Co. in Georgetown, ME is a must. It is about an hour from Boothbay Harbor and is outdoor seating right on the peir. The lobsters come out of the water and onto your plate.

                      Boothbay Harbor is a bit of a tourist trap but shouldn't be too bad in fall.

                      1. I have to respectfully disagree with humin, that Boothbay Harbor folds up after Labor Day. That might have been true in 1978 when we first started coming here, but not so now. You'll be good to go until Columbus Day.

                        Fall in the Harbor is gorgeous. Crystal clear days and cool nights, no fog, perfect boating and enough color to satisfy the leaf peepers. Plus, the locals start to come out of hiding and that makes it really nice.

                        Welch House B&B has spectacular views and delicious breakfasts. If you want to be off the beaten track check out Howard House Lodge. Ginny's breakfasts are outstanding!

                        I'd only go to Red's if you want to say you've been to Red's. It's nothing special except for the lines :-)

                        My favorite lobster roll is at 93 Townsend in Boothbay Harbor, which is open year 'round. A heap of lobster CHUNKS, not shreds, lightly dressed with mayo, seasoned perfectly and served on a 7" baguette roll, not a skimpy hotdog roll.

                        We like The Lobster Dock in BBH for outside dining. Also, the Haraseeket Lunch in South Freeport is very good if you hit LL Bean. Check out Sea Dog Brewery in Topsham. They have an outside deck over the river. On warm fall days it's super! Plus, the food is good and the beer is great!

                        I agree about White Barn in Kennebunkport. We also like Lawnmere in Southport, La Garage in Wiscasset and King Eiders Pub in Damariscotta.

                        1. I recomend Allison's in down town kenneybunkport. Nice local eatery good food and reasonably priced. White barn inn thou it is nice is nice and expensive. Recomend Allison's for lunch. You could try Huricanes near the river bridge. Good for supper. Good luck.

                          1. Try The Ramp at Cape Porpoise, just down the road from Kennebunkport. Good food and good view. After - go to Roly's Fudge on Ocean Ave near Dock Square -- the fudge is fantastic and the only place around to get gelato.