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Oct 16, 2000 09:13 PM

Potatoes Ariquipena

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One of my favorite South American dishes is Potatoes Ariquipena, delicious boiled potatoes in a spicy peanut sauce. Anybody know a Bay area restaurant or a recipe? Thanks. Pete

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  1. Do you know which south american country this originated in? You may want to check SOAR (searchable online recipes which I think is run out of Berkeley) and ethnicgrocer.com. The company ethnicgrocer actually has a great site querico.com dedicated to Latin recipes and ingredients. This may also be helpful. All links are below. Hope this helps.

    Link: http://soar.berkeley.edu/recipes/; http://www.ethnicgrocer.com/eg/hm/eg....; http://www.querico.com/qr/hm/qr.html

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      Thanks for writing. I will check the links you named. This is a great dish, spicy and cheesy, with a peanut flavor to the sauce. I used to order it in a little Peruvian place in Milwaukee, WI but it's gone now. Thanks again.

      Pete Balestrieri

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        If you had it at a Peruvian place before, you may be able to find it at the Peruvian restaurants in the Bay Area. Or if they don't have it, you may be able to ask for it or get the recipe if they are familiar with it. If you've been following the posts on chowhound for a while, you may be familiar with Fina Estampa which is a wonderful place. I went there after reading about it here and found it to be great. They had quite a few potato dishes so maybe they have your dish. Another peruvian restaurant that is supposed to have "home cooking" is called El Perol. I haven't checked that one out yet so I can't tell you too much about it. However, Fina Estampa is tasty and I definitely recommend that.

    2. At the risk that my ruminations will sound suspiciously like those of a recently-banned fabricator, I was wondering if you had the spelling of the dish right.

      It looks to me like an adjective formed from the name of a city - to describe something particular to the place. I tried a Google seach on both words - nothing to speak of on Ariquipe. Half the answers actually cited the other spelling.

      As to a search on "Arequipe", the predominant answer I came up with is that there's a Columbian dessert, a dulce de leche, called Arequipe. Sounds like it would not lend itself well to use on potatoes, but I'm willing to hear otherwise. Also doesn't fit your description of spicy and peanutty. (Man, it's starting to sound like Potatoes Sate! Are you sure those South Americans weren't Thais?)

      Further browsing led me to the info that there's an Arequipe in Peru. Peru....potatoes...there's a connection there. But that still doesn't help track down your restaurant or recipe, does it?

      So where in South America have you had this dish before, anyway?

      1. Thanks to everybody that wrote to me. The dish is actually named Ocopa Antigua de Arequipa or Ocopa a la Arequipena, with a tilde over the "n," or Papas Arequipena. Here's the URL to a good recipe for them: http://www.chicago.us.mensa.org/mensa.... There are more authentic ones that use a couple of ingredients hard to find outside Peru but this will yield the delicious flavor I remember. I used to eat this at a restaurant in Milwaukee, WI that's gone now.