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Oct 16, 2000 06:11 PM

SF Cookin' classes - CCA or Tante Marie?

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I am interested in taking some weekend cooking classes in SF if you have any suggestions. I've looked into the weekend courses at calif. culinary academy and tane marie [sp?]. I'm not likely to be inclined to do a "Home Chef" series so looking for things outside of that place. Thanks.

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  1. Home Chef does have individual classes in addition to their series but it depends on what kind of class you are looking for. Is there something specific that you wanted to take like a skills development class or something specific to say an individual class in seafood, pastry, or Thai food, etc? Or are you looking to see what's available?

    Another resource to check out is Sur La Table. In SF, they are located off of Maiden Lane in Union Square and have additional classes in Berkeley and Los Gatos. Another choice (not in SF though) is Ramekins in Sonoma which is "dedicated" to the home cook.

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      This is not really in SF, but in sonoma. There's a place called Ramekin's. Their classes are mostly hands on, and they get chef's from all over the bay area. I have attached a link to their online catalog. They have weekend classes. A lot of my friends usually drive up on Friday and share a cheap hotel room for the night.


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      Barry Kaufman

      I am a graduate of the CCA College of Food and have taken several classes at Sur La Table. You cannot beat CAA --- high quality of instruction - most other programs are demonstration only- limited hands on and they are always pushing cooking gadgets ---- problem with CCA is the business end and administration - very poor --- but the Chef instructors are top of the line --- you will a lot --- ask for Chef Suzi Moffet --- the best - use my name.