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Oct 16, 2000 04:46 AM

Vegetarian Restaurants in SF

  • j

Can a person be a vegetarian and chowhound at the same time?
Looking for vegetarian restaurants in SF or bay area that has that "special something" even if its just one disk out of the entire menu.


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  1. j
    JB Leibovitch

    Maybe this is the obvious post, but we take vegetarians to Greens in Fort Mason (near the Marina Safeway). I am not a vegetarian, but I recall always eating well at Greens, and the view can be spectacular.

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    1. re: JB Leibovitch
      Barry Kaufman

      Greens is overrated and overpriced --- Why would someone pay for a "great view"? However, I will say that Deborah Madison's cookbooks are wonderful (Ms. Madison was the founding chef for Greens) I second Millenium

      1. re: Barry Kaufman
        judy leibovitch

        Looking forward to checking out Millennium.

        1. re: judy leibovitch

          One more vote for Millenium...I believe that they are not only vegetartian but go a bit further and are vegan.
          The food is quite imaginative and savory. There are some interesting beverages that are non alcoholic, as well.

          1. re: gordon wing

            I haven't eaten at Millenium yet, but noticed that that one of my favorite quotations from Margaret Mead is positioned prominently in the dining room. "Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

        2. re: Barry Kaufman

          A die-hard colleague of mine waxed on about Firefly but this was 2 years ago so not sure if it' still as good as it was.

      2. Look for Millennium downtown, Lucky Creation in Chinatown (Grant Street?)

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        1. re: Mark

          Lucky Creation is at 854 Washington in Chinatown and if you're not familiar with Chinese vegetarian food you're in for a treat.

        2. Haven't tried yet myself but Ganges is supposed to be an excellent Indian vegetarian restaurant that is close to the Haight, on the south side of Kezar stadium.

          1. Hi! I'm working on a project on vegetarianism. Can you please fill out this survey?


            1. d
              David Ljung Madison

              I've been `collecting' veggie restaurants in SF for
              almost 3 years now, and decided to start keeping track:


              I'd love to get input (new restaurants, opinions, etc..