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Glenwood Drive-In, Hamden CT

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After having made the drive between NYC and Boston several dozen times, I've always wondered where the good stuff was off the Merritt. I did most of these drives in the mid-90s, before I knew about chowhound or the other internet resources like roadfood.com. On my recent trip to Boston from NYC, I wanted to find a place that wasn't too far off the Merritt (for time concerns) and something fairly quick. I know I should have asked you New England hounds, but I did some searching through the boards and on roadfood, and came up with Glenwood Drive-In as my most ideal choice, just a few minutes north of the Whitney Ave exit. At Glenwood, you can get grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and a variety of fried seafood and lobster rolls. We just stayed simple with a hot dog and hamburger. The hot dog was a foot-long with nice charring from the grill. The perfectly toasted bun was a huge plus and gave a nice texture to the hot dog. They have all the condiments you'd need to fill your dog the way you like. The burger was also pretty good. Except the bun was cold, despite being toasted on the grill. It must have just come out of the fridge. Everyone else around us were ordering the lobster roll (also on that perfectly toasted bun), fried clams, as well as the hot dogs. I'm glad I found Glenwood, as I now have soemthing else to look forward to when I drive up to Boston.

Link: http://www.roadfood.com/Reviews/Overv...

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  1. I've travelled to Connecticut a few times to sample hot dogs. This state, along with N.J. and New York are known for great dogs. The Glenwood is one of the best. A long, char grilled Hummels brand dog on a toasted New England bun. Out of the dozen or so hot dog joints I've visited in Connecticut, Glenwood is my favorite along with Roscos's Big Dog in Hartford.

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      I agree with you all.
      And Kelleys which is also part of it is great also!!!

      Notice-----When the CRAB neon sign is illuminated they have soft shell crabs. When its out,----NO CRABS !!

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        Tom Piorkowski

        I go to Glenwoods and it's the best hamberget/hotdog place in the area. They also have a great lobster roll. After eating a meal, you need to check out their ice cream parlor - very nice !

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          Used to live in that area; Glenwood was an institution then and still is now....it's super!

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        I agree with you all.
        And Kelleys which is also part of it is great also!!!

        Notice-----When the CRAB neon sign is illuminated they have soft shell crabs. When its out,----NO CRABS !!

      3. Isn't the Glenwood great? I live just up the road!

        1. I grew up in Hamden live in the mid-west now. Still can't find a good charbroiled dog like "the wood!"
          I can remember being a little kid and loved when the guy taking your order would yell, "one dog, one french, wrap it up!" Something about their relish made the dog even better. They have a great soft shell crab sandwich, and the cheeseburger is cook just right. I have to stop in every time I come home!

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            Oh I miss that as well, "two dog, one fry, one ring..." Chicago has NOTHING to compare, maybe I'll just open one myself and shock the mid-west

          2. Glenwood is THE best place to get a fine char-broiled hot dog or burger. Everytime I go home, it is a point to travel down RT 10 and get 2 dogs with bacon and cheese!!! Oh, I can't wait to go home again...=)

            1. I'll have to agree with the sentiment. Growing up, a trip to my grandparent's place in Hamden wasn't complete with a trip to the Glenwood.

              1. Hey I know all you Hamdenites are going to be partial to the Glenwood, but don't forget about how good the dogs are at Nick's Char Pit on the New Haven/North Haven line- plus they're cheaper than Glenwood and Nick will make them black if you ask! Dino's in North Haven has put out a great grilled Hummels for years and years...

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                  I guess it is a Hamden "thing". I remember when The Glenwood was accessed from a front window. You ordered and ate in your car or picnic tables on site. Nicks Char Pit and Dino's are very good. However, if you're my age (60 +) and transportation during high school was the local bus..Glenwood was the place. Whenever I am in CT., I do try to make a Hamden stop. Just good food and nostalia.

                2. We like the Glenwood, but although I went to Jr HS and HS in Hamden in the late 50s,, I can't recall ever going there. (I DO remember Jimmy's of Savin Rock, West Haven, CT, when it was a drive in!)
                  Glenwood's dogs are good, onion rings ok, the Hot Lobster Roll first rate. the fried clams ok, and the crab cake, forget it! Never tried a hamburger there.
                  I have some pics of the Glenwood here:

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