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Sep 23, 2005 06:35 PM

Taste of Burlington, A wonderful meal!

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Took my bride to Burlington for a Higher Ground show for our anniversary last week and the concierge at the Sheraton reccomended we dine at Taste on the waterfront- Took a little bit of effort to find but the food and service were outstanding. We shared the fried calamari that had been marinated in milk with chunks of whole garlic and sprigs of fresh herbs. I know every restaurant in the world serves fried calamari but this was the absolute best i've ever had... Dinner was (for me) halibut with lobster sauce and a cilantro and black bean salad with herb roasted potatoes. The fish was perfectly seared and moist on the inside- really well done. Sharon had Mediterranean Chicken- A grilled chicken breast over creamy polenta topped with tomato-olive relish and fresh mozzarella. We shared! I thought that both dishes were very nicely done. The chef came out and toasted our anniversary with us!

The dining areas themselves are very interesting. Our waitress gave us a tour- There are 4 dining rooms plus outside seating- we ate inside but had drinks on the patio and watched the sunset over the Adirondacks.(BTW,the drinks were quite good- they have a juice bar style juicer and use fresh juice in all of their cocktails- I had a Cactus 5-string margarita and S had a Flirtini) The walls are a metallic gold color with wildly abstract paintings that she said were the work of the chef (I think his name was Chris???) Anyway, I haven't seen anything about the place on the board here so I thought it would be a good heads up. We will go back the next time we're in town...


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  1. j
    Jonny Stratton

    Guess I should have put VERMONT Iin the subject line!

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      Nice to hear that there is more good food in Burlington, Vermont! Taste sounds like an interesting place- I'm taking my mother to the Flynn next week- maybe we'll try it out after.

    2. 3 meals there. Uneven. Went on Easter. Prie fixe. Soup was warm, but its bowl wasn't, so it got cold fast. Most everything else was good, but I really expect that this sort of detail is worked out.

      Houseguest wanted to take us to dinner last summer. Good location (she gets around with difficulty). Service on their lakefront terrace was not actively rude, just sort of indifferent. Food was overpriced and underwhelming.

      Went again to a friend's event there. Food was good. Didn't pay, so can't evaluate ROI.

      Bottom line: won't be back. Rather take another chance on a different place that's better with the details.


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