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Oct 14, 2000 12:36 AM

ethiopian in sf; aside from asmara or red sea in Berkeley?

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Any recc's on ethiopian or eritrean food in SF? The best ethiopian food I experienced was in Washington, D.C. at an Eritrean community center with a friend.

I've gone to Red Sea and Asmara but both are in Berkeley. I also went to an inner sunset place on Irving at 8th which was good.

My favorite dishes are Doro Wot [spinach] and the fiery Siga Tibbs.

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  1. Last I checked the Red Sea was in Oakland on Claremont@ Telegraph

    Next to the Kingfish Pub

    1. I love Assab, which is on Geary almost at Masonic. There is also Sawa on Divisadero and Sutter, which I liked but I think they have too much salad.

      In Lower haight (on haight and Piece) is Axum, which is fine.

      Also on Divisadero, near Hayes is a bar called Club Waziema, which has all you can eat veggie combo. The food is ok but I often think it is too dry but I like having a full bar.

      There also is Cafe Ethiopia on Valencia, which I totally think is overrated, but yet always packed.

      That is basically it, might be one or 2 more that I am leaving out. I want to go to DC just to eat their Ethiopian.

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        Thank you! I had the same opinions on Assab, Sawa and Cafe Ethipoia and had been wondering about the other two. I guess I will stay away unless I need that full bar!

        I always have to plan for Sawa and wear something that is ready to be immediately thrown in the washing machine, much like going to Brother's Korean BBQ. I am intruiged by the Ethiopian cooking classes they offer though. Maybe once the weather promises to behave I should start those.

      2. Forgot to mention that we always eat vegetarian so the meat lovers might have different fave places.

        1. While I haven't eaten there myself, my Ethiopian colleague recommends Addis on Telegraph.
          Seem to have a number of vegetarian/vegan selections.

          Link to EastBay Express Review, 3-15-2005, has a menu you can download:

          Addis' website:

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          1. re: joltgrrl

            I had lunch a couple of weeks ago at Addis and it was excellent.

            BTW, not only is Red Sea in Oakland, but Asmara is as well (as is Addis).

          2. Assab all the way. The owner came from the restaurant Massawa in The Haight, I believe, then briefly opened a place called Asmara on Ocean not far from City College. Very friendly. Good portions, very tasty.