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Oct 13, 2000 08:59 PM

Hong Kong East Ocean (was Long Life Noodles Gen Mes Bd)

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The menu for Hong Kong East Ocean was a land mine: some hits, lots of misses. As previously noted, biggest plus was parking and views, and the banquet dishes tended to be better. The chow mein was the most acceptable we've found outside of Chinatown or Yank Sing (JB's favorite); crispy, Hong Kong style and not too greasy, with better quality meat. They have a whole, sweet and sour fish dish that was fresh-tasting, with a non-cloying sauce tangy with citrus. Too many of the party ate no pork or shrimp, so our menu was limited. I'm pretty sure we had a chicken dish and a beef dish but the poor service supercedes all other memories.

Finally, total agreement w/ Jim that the dim sum blows.
It's a restaurant I recommend only for people more interested in the views and parking, or huge banquet parties where the meal will get better attention.

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  1. Oh, that's really a shame. I remember a deep-fried dim sum that was so unique, a fresh scallop on top of a coin of Asian pear in a light batter.

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      the scallop/Asian pear tidbit you described is similar to something I had at Lai Ching Heen in the Regent Hotel - Kowloon. They make a sandwich with shrimp mousse, a slice of ham and a disc of Asian pear between two slices of scallop. The whole thing is lightly battered and fried. Yummy.

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        Melanie Wong

        I'm envious that you've dined at Lai Ching Heen. Haven't been there.

        Wonder whether my friend Bryan L. will come back and report on his trip to HK?