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Oct 9, 2000 10:46 PM

Gelato/cannoli cravings!!

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I just moved to palo alto from nyc by way of boston and am in search of seriously good gelato and cannolis in the sf area - i am willing to travel!
in terms of gelato flavors i'm specifically looking for hazelnut, canteloupe (that tastes like ripe melons) and pear, and as for cannoli - ricotta based filling is a must (no custard/icing masquerading as cannoli filling). Please, I would love any suggestions!
Also wanted to say - thank you for all the fantastic restaurant tips!

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  1. Don't know if you had Ciao Bella gelato in NYC but there's a branch in SF at 685 Harrison in SoMa. They were wonderful in NYC and they're wonderful here too. I love their gelato and have been lazy in hunting down other good gelato places when I know I can go there and get my fix. Sorry-can't help on cannoli.

    1. I'm decidedly not a cannoli expert, but there is an Italian bakery I love in San Francisco: Dianda's, with branches on Green (North Beach) and on Mission near 25th. I would guess their cannolis are pretty good, given that I love most of their other stuff (they have a coffee cake that's wonderful).

      Remember: leave the gun; take the cannolis.

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      1. re: Tom Hilton

        Unfortunately the Dianda's on Green closed down.
        The one in the Mission seems to have fresher pastries and better prices. Yum.

      2. Check out Marco Polo Ice Cream on 24th Taraval. They make great ice cream along the lines of gelato - rich soft creamy with intense flavors - using also sorts of tropical fruits. I don't think this place has canteloupe or pear, but there's jackfruit, lychee, an amazing coconut, guava, durian just to name a few.

        1. Just wondering if anyone has tried the new Haagen-dazs gelato line.

          Still salivating at the thought of several gelatos enjoyed in Italy (especially in Rome, I can remember some two-gelato days).

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          1. re: rachel hope

            To answer my own post, I tried the hazelnut flavor last night. Mmmmmmm.