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Gelato/cannoli cravings!!

marisa Oct 9, 2000 10:46 PM

I just moved to palo alto from nyc by way of boston and am in search of seriously good gelato and cannolis in the sf area - i am willing to travel!
in terms of gelato flavors i'm specifically looking for hazelnut, canteloupe (that tastes like ripe melons) and pear, and as for cannoli - ricotta based filling is a must (no custard/icing masquerading as cannoli filling). Please, I would love any suggestions!
Also wanted to say - thank you for all the fantastic restaurant tips!

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    Tida Oct 10, 2000 02:33 PM

    Don't know if you had Ciao Bella gelato in NYC but there's a branch in SF at 685 Harrison in SoMa. They were wonderful in NYC and they're wonderful here too. I love their gelato and have been lazy in hunting down other good gelato places when I know I can go there and get my fix. Sorry-can't help on cannoli.

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      Tom Hilton Oct 10, 2000 03:45 PM

      I'm decidedly not a cannoli expert, but there is an Italian bakery I love in San Francisco: Dianda's, with branches on Green (North Beach) and on Mission near 25th. I would guess their cannolis are pretty good, given that I love most of their other stuff (they have a coffee cake that's wonderful).

      Remember: leave the gun; take the cannolis.

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      1. re: Tom Hilton
        dana Oct 11, 2000 01:02 PM

        Unfortunately the Dianda's on Green closed down.
        The one in the Mission seems to have fresher pastries and better prices. Yum.

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        Limster Oct 11, 2000 08:41 AM

        Check out Marco Polo Ice Cream on 24th Taraval. They make great ice cream along the lines of gelato - rich soft creamy with intense flavors - using also sorts of tropical fruits. I don't think this place has canteloupe or pear, but there's jackfruit, lychee, an amazing coconut, guava, durian just to name a few.

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          rachel hope Oct 15, 2000 12:24 AM

          Just wondering if anyone has tried the new Haagen-dazs gelato line.

          Still salivating at the thought of several gelatos enjoyed in Italy (especially in Rome, I can remember some two-gelato days).

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          1. re: rachel hope
            rachel hope Oct 17, 2000 03:40 PM

            To answer my own post, I tried the hazelnut flavor last night. Mmmmmmm.

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