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Oct 9, 2000 09:14 PM

fried chicken?

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I am feeling a craving, but don't know where to satisfy it. I want good fried chicken -- not frozen --with a little bit of spice, and crunchy crunchy crunchy. Any recs? Preferably in the east bay?

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  1. Have you been to Soul Brothers Kitchen in Oakland (Telegraph/52nd)? I wouldn't call their fried chicken spicy, but it is crunchy and juicy. You'll have to be patient (they take their tiiiiime) but the place is a hoot. I like the black eyed peas as a side.

    I've heard of other good East Bay chicken (Roscoe's comes to mind) but can't vouch for it.

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      I wasn't thrilled with Roscoe's. Good-not-great, and not very soulful. See the 6/15 entry in my archived dining diary at link below.


      1. re: Jim Leff

        Jim, I'm with you. First of all, they're always moving the damn restaurant!! Next, we kept trying to go there, and the hours said they were supposed to be open and they weren't. Lastly, when I finally went there 3 weeks ago, the oil the chicken was cooked in was very rancid. It made the chicken taste awful!!!! Terrible, it could've been good, but apparently they don't attend to details like the oil.
        I will not be going there again.

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      Mark Silverman

      Bitterroot (on 16th street in the Mission) used to have great fried chicken. However, they are under new management now and I'm not sure about the food any more (the friendliness has definitely taken a nose-dive).

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        I tried Bitterroot for the first time recently. Didn't like it. They were friendly enough, but my chicken (roasted) was very soggy and tasted like someone had gotten too happy with the rosemary. The potatoes were just...okay. And although the menu specified "sauteed greens," what I got was a pile of steamed, completely unseasoned crinkle cut veggies. Those little carrot disks! Bah.

      2. Have you tried Oakland Chinatown? You'll see wings and drumsticks in the window of many of the barbecue spots. These will be made from fresh, not frozen chickens. Usually marinated in some combination of soy, ginger, garlic and/or five-spice, so the flavoring is in the meat not the batter. Look for the ones that aren't bulked up by too much batter.

        And, I'll admit that I have a hankering for Church's Fried Chicken whenever I'm near the Telegraph Ave. Oakland location. They have a lot of turnover there, and it's always freshly made when I show up. When my brother went there the first time when he was new to Cal, he asked for "dark meat, please" and the working woman waiting for her order said, "sugar, if you want dark meat, come with me."

        The only sit down place where I've gone to for fried chicken (other than Cantonese restaurants) is S&B on South B St. in San Mateo. This is a soul food place, and has extremely slow service. We had to stop going there for work day lunches because we couldn't get out in time. Also good are the fruit cobblers. The place is decorated with signed photos of the 49er stars.

        1. This is not traditional American fried chicken, but not too far off. It's one of the best fried chicken of any kind that I have ever had. Go to "Max's of the Philippines" on El Camino in South San Francisco. They have a house special crispy fried chicken that is very good!

          This restaurant is fairly full on weekends during dinner hour. Go early (at or before 6pm) or later (after 8:30pm, but they close at 9:00pm).

          1. Had the first fix of my fried chicken craving today at Jodie's in Albany --- and recommend it 100%. Jodie's is a closet-sized restaurant on Masonic (off Solano) with an ell-shaped counter with seating for six, a griddle, awesome fresh ingredients, and a wonderful cook/owner (Jodie). On Saturdays and Sundays Jodie makes fried chicken. He has a big black kettle filled with Canola oil going on the stove and you can watch as he dredges chicken pieces in flour then plunks them into the kettle to sizzle merrily. The lunch portion (your choice, white meat or dark) comes with fries or potato salad and griddle-fried butter toast. Jodie is meticulous about his griddle, and the toast is good. I had the dark meat (thigh, drumstick, wing), my husband had white meat (a big juicy breast). All pieces were crunchy, slightly spicy, salty, moist and greaseless. For dessert -- blueberry cheesecake, creamy, light, with an excellent homemade graham-cracker crust. The place is super friendly, everyone knows Jodie by name, and he treats his customers like friends. We are planning on returning and trying more of his fabulous cooking. Also, Jim: this place offers the hash browns of your dreams, just grated potato and butter on the griddle. Saw it being made, and its on the top of my list for the return visit.