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Sep 5, 2005 11:53 AM

Carolina BBQ Barn in Falmouth

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Had a nice meal there Friday evening, with no wait. I had pulled pork, other party members had brisket and ribs. Pulled pork was good, they give you choices of hot or mild sauce in squirt bottles on the side. I went mild; it had a nice flavor- good thin Carolina sauce. You get choice of 2 sides and dessert with platters. I had mashed potatoes- ok, nothing special and a nice piece of sweet corn on the cob. A basket of hush puppies preceded dinner, sort of a sweet coating on the outside. All were happy, they have a kids menu also, which was crucial. Service was very friendly, but with a couple of uneven spots. Prices were good- the pulled pork platter was 10.99 .

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  1. Steven: Where is this Carolina BBQ in Falmouth located?

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    1. re: Irwin
      Steven Leibowitz

      100 Davis Straits in Falmouth is the address listed, if you know Falmouth at all, here's a Google Map link.


      1. re: Steven Leibowitz

        You did not list Massachusetts, only Falmouth. I live in Falmouth Maine and was wondering where this BBQ restaurant could be. Now I know its Falmouth Mass.
        Thanks, Irwin

    2. The BBQ Barn is now closed, replaced by a (not very good) seafood restaurant. The Sol Cafe is also defunct this winter; and the Golden Swan is now an Indian restaurant. And Cherrystones burned down last weekend; I don't know what it's future will be.

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        Have you tried the golden swan? surprised to here bbq barn is closed I like PI across the street from apparently now defunct bbq. any suggestions for clam chowder I and a friend are on a consten quest.

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          Just wondering, did the BBQ Barn reopen anywhere?