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Oct 9, 2000 12:19 AM

grand cafe

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Any opinions re: Grand Cafe on Geary? Going to theatre a block away Saturday night and this would be convenient-if it is excellent. Thanks

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  1. m
    Melanie Wong

    The founding chef who established the reputation of Grand Cafe left a few months ago. Maybe this makes a difference.

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      It's a great room. Try and get a booth along the back wall, so you face the room. We had lunch there a month or so ago. Not too bad. I think we both had steak sandwiches. We stopped in for drinks a while back on a weeknight, but came in too close to last call. Our drinks were just about taken out of our hands when the server came around and told us they were "closed." Nice, real nice.

      We did Le Colonial before a show last week. It was a nice surprise. We had a great table out on the patio. Just tell them you are pre theater, otherwise they might not get you out in time. It's nice not to be rushed, but sometimes you need it. The sea bass was great, also the ice creams.

      We have also done Brasserie Savoy, but that was long ago when the French guy was there. He sent out an extra dessert on the house. I do remember the food was really quite nice. But, I don't know what it's like there now.