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Oct 7, 2000 06:40 PM

How is Three Seasons?

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Has anybody been to Three Seasons in the Marina? I tried getting reservations at Slanted Door but they were full and I was hoping to use this as a backup. Several press reviews seemed favorable but I'd love to hear something from the grassroots.


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  1. Yesterday I was driving through the Marina around 5:30pm when a parking space appeared before my eyes. You know what a rare occasion this can be in some neighborhoods, so I took advantage of it to park and pop out with no plan in mind. I walked over to look at the menus and rooms for both ISA's and Three Seasons, the two hot new openings.

    Three Seasons has a spare contemporary look with dinner seating and lots of bar stools and smaller higher tables for noshing. I didn't eat in but did order a couple things to go - the Saigon rice crepe and the garlic noodles. I like the crepe itself ($8), especially that it was packed with a hole punched in the styrofoam cover to let the steam out and stayed crisp for the ride home. The fresh veggies - bell peppers, cucumber, daikon & papaya - accompaniments added an extra dimension. The dipping sauce was pretty tame and needed more heat. The crepe had little flavor on its own without the veggies and sauce. Some salt on the rubbery shrimp and tasteless pork filling might have helped - these seemed like they were pre-cooked then reheated. I don't understand the garlic noodles. On the mushy side, dusted with dry powdery parmesan-like cheese and overly sweet fried shallots - this one went in the garbage.

    Even so, I would probably try it again for a better sampling of dishes. The selection of spring rolls looked very interesting.

    I've been to the Slanted Door a couple times and like the restaurant, more for its look and the wine list than the food which is no better than other Vietnamese restaurants in the City. Slanted Door is extremely noisy, even at lunch time.

    Vietnamese seems to be the hot food trend. I participated in a market research study a few months ago by some MBA students at Columbia. They identified upscale Vietnamese as what San Francisco craves foodwise. What do you think?

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      Thanks for the link to the post....Funny what you mentioned because I went back and forth with Isa and Three Seasons as well. Did Three Seasons that night and Isa a week later. I was quite disappointed in Isa. We couldn't pinpoint what it was that was so bad, but everything just seemed a bit off. First problem was having to walk through half the restaurant to get to someone that works there. I found the choices quite limited as well considering it is supposed to be a french "tapas" restaurant. Our waitress, who was Isa herself, was great and trying quite hard, but couldn't make up for some of the problems. I would probably do Three Seasons again before Isa, but Bistro Aix seems to be the most consistent with the best prices. A good old standby.

      1. re: Dana B.

        I had the chance to try Isa and posted on my dinner. Gordon's earlier post was my guide to ordering. Now that you know how to use the search engine, I'm sure you'll find it readily. (g)

        Hadn't thought about it, but I'd probably have to agree with you about limited choices. With 5 of us, our table ordered everything that sounded at all interesting to us on the menu. Wouldn't have been able to come back the next night to different food.