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Oct 6, 2000 04:49 PM

South of Market tips for tasty bites?

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I'm going to a show at Slim's and was wondering if there was some good food in the neighborhood besides the usual Hamburger Mary's routine. How is Menorah (sp?) Thai? Any others I should know about?

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    Melanie Wong

    Manora Thai does a good job, especially for a crowd because they have an extensive menu, big tables and colorful decor. Also south of Market is Basil Thai restaurant which has a more Calif-bistro type service and setting.

    1. Other great places in the general south of Market area:
      Cha Am Thai is great thai food. At the corner of Harrison and Third.

      Cafe Centro in South Park is great at lunch time with great sandwiches (grilled chicken and brie & ham) and a fantastic "bread salad" that will knock your socks off.

      MoMo's near the ballpark has great crispy onion ring strips but is pretty expensive.

      Ristorante Ecco in South Park is great italian food. If you are there during the lunch hour go around the back for a take-out window with a different, cheaper menu.

      Crossroads cafe (closer to embarcadero at Brannan and Delancy) has great sandwiches and high tea every day.


      1. Manora is very accomodating of groups, I've found. Also, I like Manora for a dessert that they have that I haven't found on any other Thai menus in SF. In Thai it's phonetically spelled Tup-Tim-Grob. I apologize but I don't remember what they called it on the menu in English.

        This is an iced/cold dessert. It has a clear syrup base and there are little "pearls" in it, similar to the Chinese tapioca pearl tea drinks. However, this only describes the shape and approximate size of these little balls of stuff. The outside of the pearl is a tapioca like coating - it's chewy but I don't think it is actually tapioca because it is closer to a jello shell than tapioca. Inside is a bit of water chestnut. I really enjoy this dessert as it's chewy and crunchy. It's nice after some hot curries!

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          Barry Kaufman

          Check out El Bobo --- great bar across the street from Hamburger Mary's ---- wonderful menu --- changes monthly ---- only problem - you have to get past the heavy metal juke box --- check the bar - it was crafted by a friend of mine from the old rock n' bowl bowling lanes on Haight Street - very beautiful --- if you are going to Slims it is right around the block - have fun!!