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Oct 6, 2000 01:48 PM

Food tours of the Mission

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There's been recommendations on this board for Chinatown tours as well as disses for the Walden North Beach tour. Does anyone have any info. for a food tour of the Mission?

Also, I'm trying to locate yuca flour to make pao de quejo. Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. might be a good bet; i've seen pretty esoteric stuff there from chestnut flour to 6 different types of seaweed in their bulk bin.

    1. I don't know if he still does them, but an Oakland chef/instructor named Agustin Gaytan used to do tours of the Mission. I've worked with him, and he's a great guy. His business is called San Miguel Productions; his email adress is

      1. Thanks to both of you for your recommendations. I had actually heard of the chef mentioned but couldn't remember his name. I'll look him up and if he's still giving tours, will report back.

        Thanks again to both of you.

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          Barry Kaufman

          Only one place to go for all your Mexican food needs --- Las Palmas Mexicatessen ---- 24th and Florida ----

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            Couldn't agree more (thoug it's really more Central American than Mexican). One of my favorite places for food in the world (you try their potato chips?). in fact, I've mentioned it on this board and in SF articles in our "Articles and Special Reports" section frequently.

            Oh, and for accuracy, it's "La Palma".

            1. re: Jim Leff

              I have gone to La Palma for years but never ordered because there is not place to eat unless you want to sit on the dirty curb out front. I'll have to try it sometime. I mostly get ingredients there. I also buy the outstanding carnitas by the pound with all the fixings, the thick tortillas, a couple types of salsa, crema, and guacamole. Add some limes and cilantro and you can feed a crowd on short notice. I also really like the refried beans they are runny but good. Elsewhere I usually prefer whole beans. This place has the best carnitas, but La Taqueria's carnitas is really good. I cannot imagine anyone saying La Tacqueria has gone downhill. It is the same as it ever was. The salsa is pallid, like it always was. You have to squirt some of the tableside green goop on to get any heat. All the other ingredients are top notch.

              1. re: Anne

                I've been buying the housemade membrillo from La Palma for pennies. Sure, it's not from Spain, but it doesn't cost $17/lb like at Oakville Thievery.