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Aug 18, 2005 11:34 AM

Best Pancakes in Portland

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I've tried Becky's, Big Mama's and Steve & Renee's but I'm wondering if there's anything better around.


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  1. I highly recommend either the blueberry pancakes or the French toast with fresh strawberries or blueberries at Eggspectation in South Portland near the mall. The fresh-squeezed OJ is delicious, too. It's definitely a splurge, though: $25 with tip for 2 people for the above-described breakfast (sharing a side of bacon). Be prepared to wait for a table, although you can get seated more quickly at the bar.

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      I forgot to leave their URL in my previous post.


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        for a real treat try 'BARBARA'S KITCHEN ON COTTAGE ST IN SOUTH PORTLAND...... She is a caterer, and has this restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, dinner 5 days a week. Closed on Mon and Tues. The food is excellent especially their large variety breakfast including wonderful pancakes, french toast, etc.

    2. Try the Friendship Cafe on Congress - kinda diaganally across from Uffa - they make great pancakes!! And if my memory serves me, pumpkin pancakes to die for!!

      1. Barbara's in South Portland was the BEST but, sadly, is out of business. Eggspectations is a HUGE disappointment and actually not worth the money. We've had terrible experiences there with service, small portions and high prices and finally stopped going. They really need some decent training on how to run a service industry! I hear Bintliff's American Cafe in Portland has good breakfast and the Pepper Club is also doing breakfast, too.

        1. Friendship Cafe has been out of business for over a year now, but a new diner-style restaurant called Hot Suppa has opened up in the same location.

          I'm happy to report that Hot Suppa has the best pancakes I've had in Portland. Also really great biscuits and gravy, much better than Friendship's.

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            Where is Hot Suppa? Can't wait to try it!

          2. Sorry to hear that Barbara's is out of business, but did know that she has been very sick for the past year....
            Friendship Cafe changed hands, and don't know how their food is now....
            I like the pancake house by the mall.

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              We went to Friendship Cafe for several years - at first because we'd show up at Bintliff's and have to wait a while - and I often enjoyed the pumpkin pancakes served with a maple cream topping (the great flavor made up for slightly rubbery cakes). Even though Hot Suppa doesn't do those, their regular pancakes are even better - would recommend them highly. The biscuits and gravy are the best I've had outside of my native North Carolina. Eggspectations is tasty but pricy and the location just feels too strip mall for a "brunch joint" - I'll take Hot Suppa, Pat's Restaurant on Stevens Ave (Sunday brunch only) or Bintliff's.