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Oct 5, 2000 01:29 PM

French Laundry: Tips on getting in???

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So now that I've decided to take my husband to Fleur de Lys (see string from 9/29) for his 30th birthday (thanks for the great advice, everyone), my next project is going to be getting into French Laundry.

To those of you who have been lucky and persistent enough to get in, can you offer any tips on getting a table? I've tried to get through for many HOURS on many different tries, to no avail.

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  1. r
    Rachel Perlow

    Try using, I've used it for hard to get into places in NYC with success.


    1. d
      David Jacobson

      We got in by putting our names on the waiting list for cancellations. Of course it helps to have some flexibility datewise

      1. j
        JB Leibovitch

        I think you just need to get them exactly two months before the date you want, right when they start answering the phones. It worked for us, and it was well worth it!

        1. You need to call on the day exactly two months before you want to reserve. If you want Dec 15 then call on Oct 15. If you want Dec 16, then call on Oct 16. Start calling a bit before 10am. Have two people in the same room calling on two lines if you can. If you can't get through then you have to wait until the next day, i.e. call on Oct 17 for Dec 17. We have gotten reservations twice by this method. And we have only tried twice, so 2-for-2.

          1. You know what, the restaurant is really not that great, and certainly not worth the money. Don't bother. Have three nice dinners instead at Chapeau or the Cypress Club.