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Aug 11, 2005 10:56 AM

Rockport, Salem, Danvers, MA

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Hi Folks,

I'm staying in Danvers next week for a few days and looking for good chow. One of the visits will be to Rockport. We always go to the Lobster Pot or Amelias, but are there any other shacks hidden away that we don't know about? Flavs is definitely on the list for lunch - the food is superb!

Another meal will either have to be in Danvers, Salem, or anywhere within reasonable driving distance. Looking for medium priced good food (up to $15ish for an entree). Any nationality - Indian, Mexican etc. We like tasty good 'clean' food!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you're looking for great Mexican food, try Cilantro's in Salem. Excellent food and the best margaritas around the North Shore. Website is below.


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      I like Cilantro too....also in Salem for great seafood is Dube's, it's nothing fancy, but it's where all the locals go. Link attached might be helpfull too.


      1. re: HwyStar

        I need to try Dube's, which I think is along the same lines as Bob's on the way to Lynn which has great fried seafood.

        1. re: Joanie

          Ya...Bob's is good too, and I haven't been there since my father's friend sold it to the current owners. My friend's in the area are always leaning towards Dube's which is on par with Bob's. I think I'll check out Bob's tonight with my daughter, to bring back some fond memories of my youth.

        2. re: HwyStar
          Princess Bakesalot

          Is Dube's still open? We've been by there twice in the past couple of months trying to have dinner and it has been totally deserted both times.
          I haven't eaten there in years but it used to be great for clams.

          1. re: Princess Bakesalot

            Dube's is still open...not sure what time or day you drove by, but they were open this past weekend. I had Bob's clams Friday night, and Dube's clams Saturday. Both places were great.

            1. re: HwyStar
              princess Bakesalot

              Thanks, we'll try again. We tried last Sunday night around 7 pm and a Tuesday night a few weeks before. There wasn't one car there.

              1. re: princess Bakesalot

                I'm pretty sure Dube's is closed on Sundays.

      2. The Lobster Pool is a great seafood shack in Rockport. It's next to Halibut Point on the Rockport/Gloucester line...

        1. Rockport:
          Roy Moore's lobster shack, on Bearskin Neck. Lobster cooked on order, and a fraction of the price at Lobster Pool (which another poster recommended). Clam chowder and the view's not bad either.

          I like Flav's breakfast- specifically, their anadama and nisu bread (as toast or French toast).

          Gloucester :
          Delaney's pizza on Main St (eastern end) in - great linguica pizza (the vegetarian isn't as good).

          Franklin Cape Ann on central Main St - great food, entrees $15-20.

          Salem : Passage to India has decent northern Indian.

          Danvers: Martha's Bread Basket on their main shopping street (?Water St) has decent s'wiches and breads.

          1. Many Thanks for all the fab suggestions folks! I'm looking forward to it :)

            1. Thanks for all the recs, folks!

              Ended up going to Passage to India in Salem for what I can only say to be the best Indian I've tasted in the US (I'm English). Excellent and distinct flavors which is often a problem with Indian food over here. I did ask for the hot end of spicyness but they ignored it gave me American hot, ie. mild. Oh well, next time!

              Lobster Pool delivered fab lobster as usual and they've improved their onion rings and fries for the better. Pig out!

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              1. re: Jayne in VT

                We agree! Passage to Indian is the best Indian in the Northeast! Thanks so much for the tip! Chowhound scores again!