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Aug 8, 2005 03:17 PM

Indian Food in Fairfield or New Haven County

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I'm looking for good Indian food in Fairfield or New Haven County. Your help appreciated.

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  1. Although i am not an indian food fan my friends who are rave about Thalia in new canaan. I have been inside and it is beautifull but expect new canaan prices, very high.

    1. we have had many fine meals, dinner and lunch buffet, at darbar on main st. in branford, along the green. it is very reasonably priced.

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      1. re: david

        I second that! Darbar is definitely worth fighting the I-95 traffic for!

        1. re: Christina

          I will "third" that recommendations. Nice atmosphere and delicious food at Darbar.

          1. re: ds

            Darbar, indeed. You will be glad you tried it. All the awards it wins, year after year? All deserved; it really IS that good.

      2. I'm partial to Bombay in Westport on Post Road (Route 1). Below is a link to their website - continuously rated the top Indian in Fairfield County by the Weekly. Coromandel in Darien is also very good.


        1. Swagat in West Haven, near UNH.
          Darbar in Branford
          Coromandel in Darien.

          1. l
            Leslie Thompson


            We like -
            Cormendel in Darien's Good Wives Shopping Center. Great weekday lunch buffet. They also have a sister place in Stamford (Daskin (?))
            Thalia in New Canaan, great atmospheare
            Taste of India in Port Chester, NY (Next to Greenwich)
            There's also Chola in Greenwich, on the Avenue, which I haven't tried