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Indian Food in Fairfield or New Haven County

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I'm looking for good Indian food in Fairfield or New Haven County. Your help appreciated.

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  1. Although i am not an indian food fan my friends who are rave about Thalia in new canaan. I have been inside and it is beautifull but expect new canaan prices, very high.

    1. we have had many fine meals, dinner and lunch buffet, at darbar on main st. in branford, along the green. it is very reasonably priced.

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        I second that! Darbar is definitely worth fighting the I-95 traffic for!

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          I will "third" that recommendations. Nice atmosphere and delicious food at Darbar.

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            Darbar, indeed. You will be glad you tried it. All the awards it wins, year after year? All deserved; it really IS that good.

      2. I'm partial to Bombay in Westport on Post Road (Route 1). Below is a link to their website - continuously rated the top Indian in Fairfield County by the Weekly. Coromandel in Darien is also very good.

        Link: http://www.fineindiandining.com/bomba...

        1. Swagat in West Haven, near UNH.
          Darbar in Branford
          Coromandel in Darien.

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            Leslie Thompson


            We like -
            Cormendel in Darien's Good Wives Shopping Center. Great weekday lunch buffet. They also have a sister place in Stamford (Daskin (?))
            Thalia in New Canaan, great atmospheare
            Taste of India in Port Chester, NY (Next to Greenwich)
            There's also Chola in Greenwich, on the Avenue, which I haven't tried

            1. Another thumbs up for food and service at Darien's Coromandel, but it lacks in atmosphere--very small, crowded, with no place for people to stand when waiting for tables or take-out, so they crowd the entry and add to the claustrophobia. Best to go on a midweek nite when the place isn't filled up. New Canaan's Thali is elegant and lovely, also very good food, tho pricey. These two are the best in the western Fairfield County area, IMHO.

              1. Thali in New Canaan.

                1. Coromandel is by far the best indian restaurant in CT period. Though if you're ever in Brewster,NY Jaipor isnt a bad substitute.

                  1. I have been to all of these other places and this is what I say about them.
                    Thali- not so good anymore. Waaaay overpriced. If you're on a budget, this is a terrible place. If you like spicy indian however the seekh kabob. The very best of all indian was definitely Coromandel.

                    1. Coromandel in the old Loeman's Plaza, West Haven is my favorite, But Zaroka on York St New Haven is also good

                      1. The "fresh off the boat" Indian men with whom I work all say Bombay in Westport is the closest to authentic as you can get around here. A close second is Kolam in Newtown or the Coromandels - all 3 are owned by the same people.

                        There is also Thali in New Haven, a sister restaurant to the one in New Canaan. It is very good, no question, but pricey for what you get.

                        1. Thali (New Cannan/New Haven) is hands down the best indian restaurant in the state. It is amazing, regional, and very refined.

                          Coromandel is quite good, and was started by Prasad Chirnomoula, who now owns thali.

                          For inexpensive indian with a home made feel and a leaning toward southern indian dishes, Swagat in west haven is great.

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                            We went to Coromandel on the Post Rd in Orange last night and it was very good! We had the calamari to start and it was spiced very different from what we are used to. It was deep fried and then sauteed with onions,peppers, and curry leaves. My partner had the chicken madras and it was so hot and spicy that he was turning red while eating it. He really liked the flavor. I had the chicken khorma which was much more tamer cause I can't take the heat! It was sooooooo gooooooood! We also had the aloo paratha which we used to finish up all the sauce on the plates. For dessert my partner had the kheer, he thought it was ok but liked the kheer we had at an indian take out down in Norwalk better. I had something ususual called parup payas which was like a loose pudding made with lentils and cashews, it was interesting. The folks sitting next to us were deeply disturbed that they had to pay for a refill of coffee which added $1.75 extra to their bill. They called the manager over and he immediately took it off the bill. So, watch out if you get an extra cup of coffee! Definitely a place to go back too.

                          2. Jfood really liked Thali New Canaan. Here is a review from last month


                            1. I liked Kolam in Newtown very much the one time I was there. Haven't tried the other ones mentioned, but I'd like to soon.