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Oct 3, 2000 01:49 PM

Villa Poppi--is it still good?

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Has anyone been to Villa Poppi lately? Is it holding up?

An earlier post and the linked review in SF Guardian sounded good--straight ahead food without pretension, and I really liked that they were only open 5 days (this means its likely the chef is actually there during service).

Current input greatly appreciated.

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  1. I was there about 6 months ago and really liked it. The food was well prepared and delicious and service was attentive but not obtrusive. The chef is actually there - he owns the tiny place which seats about 20. I think the menu changes weekly and the offerings are limited (1 or 2 options per course for up to 5 courses) because there's only 1 chef and his assistant. I'd check out what's being offered that week before going. I had an excellent rabbit there. Desserts aren't too spectacular.

    If you go there, I'd love to hear an update. Thanks!

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      steve drucker


      Will report back at the end of the month.

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      weekend diner

      it's still fantastic. Went just this past weekend