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Oct 3, 2000 01:43 AM

Good Chinese, Korean, Japanese Restaurants in Concord/Walnut Creek?

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Hi, I just moved to the Concord Walnut Creek area and was wondering if there are any good authentic Chinese or other Asian restaurants in the area? Thanks.

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  1. In July I visited a friend who lives in Moraga, and she took me to 3 Brothers from China in Concord. The first menu that they brought listed Chinese/American standards, and I was a little concerned because there were plenty of caucasian people in the place eating combo meals with egg rolls. However, my friend, who is Chinese, said "we want the other menu," and it actually turned out there were about three other menus, each more authentic than the previous, the last being in Chinese. The food she ordered was delicious, and included a fragrant beef/star anise stew, chow fun, and a brothy soup with smoked ham and the Chinese equivalent of mustard (kind of like Chinese pot likker). I have now forgotten what the other dishes were but we took about half of the food home. My friend grew up in San Francisco and had been looking for authentic Chinese in her area, and she said this is the best she's found.

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      Hong Kong Villa in Lafayette has the most fantastic homemade spring rolls and very good sizzling rice soup.

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        I checked the place out recently and found the food to be excellent... Thanks again for the tip.