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Sep 29, 2000 12:46 PM

Need recs for very special occasion

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I've searched the message board for this, but there was nothing this specific. My husband's 30th birthday is coming up in November. But since we just got married, all he wants is a very romantic dinner for just the two of us. I couldn't get reservations at French Laundry, but I'm also considering Masa's and Fleur de Lys. Please shed some insight to help me decide. I want this to be very special for him. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Barry Kaufman

    Here are few suggestions: La Folie on Polk Steet ---- very special place, Fifth Floor in the Palomar Hotel on 4th st near Market ----- simply beautiful and wonderful food and I always love Bix --- great atmosphere with the best martinis in town. You also cannot go wrong with Postrio or Hawthorn Lane. Have fun, Barry

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    1. re: Barry Kaufman

      Thanks for your suggestions, but I think he has his heart set on either one of those.

      1. re: macky

        This will not take the place of personal reviews, which I cannot give because I bee to neither Fleur de Lys or Masa's, but if you have not already done so, you might want to take a look at their web sites, which are available via SF Citysearch. There you may get a detailed sense of their menus and rooms.

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          Barry Kaufman

          I've never been to Masa. Have been to Fleur de Lys. From my perspective I think La Folie is much better ---- one of the best dinning experiences - have fun

          1. re: Barry Kaufman

            We finally went to La Folie about a month ago after somehow continually having to cancel or put it off for 3 years. And I have to tell you - we wont go back. It's not that the service was bad (it was very good) and it's not that the food was bad (it was good but uninspiring and Passot was there that night); it's just that I've had so many dinners for the same price or less that were much better. In my opinion, there are so many great (and beautiful) restaurants in San Francisco that I cant see myself paying those prices for good (not great) food and a bistro-type decor. And just so you know, we did the chef's 9 course tasting menu and had some great wines (our bill was over $600 for just us 2), so we gave it every chance. The only thing that I really enjoyed was that with the 9 course, my wife and my dishes were different on every course. That's a great idea that more restaurants should do - allowing more tasting of all the dishes. Unfortunately, even with that, we left full but unfullfilled.


            1. re: srf1

              "The only thing that I really enjoyed was that with the 9 course, my wife and my dishes were different on every course."

              Now that really is a new take on the "tasting menu"!

          2. re: macky
            JB Leibovitch

            We went to Fleur de Lys during our honeymoon. For what it's worth, what I remember most is trying foie gras for the first time (not my favorite, but my wife loved it), excellent dessert, and attentive service. The other good thing, similar to French Laundry (you should really try hard to get in there), the spacing of the tables is better than some other wonderful restaurants. For example, if I was going to drop $200+ on dinner, I would go back to Aqua in a hearbeat, but I recall much more personal space at Fleue de Lys.

              1. re: srf1

                Thanks to you and the other responses, I think I will take my husband to Fleur de Lys. I promise to let you guys know how it was. I'm a far cry from a legitimate restaurant expert (Melanie Wong, you seriously inspire me), but I love to eat and I know what I like!

          3. My vote would be for Fleur de Lys. It's an absolutely gorgeous and very romantic room, draped with a zillion yards of beautiful fabric, and with a spectacular flower arrangement in the center of the room. I've always enjoyed the meals I've had there. It's one of the places where my wife would want me to take her for a special occasion.