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Sep 27, 2000 06:17 PM

Pan Asian Supermarket

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I want to recommend Ranch 99 a pan-Asian supermarket to all Chowhounds. There is a Ranch 99 in Albany/El Cerito and Daily City.It is amazing!! About twice the size of your largest Safeway supermarket. Row upon row of every Asian ingredient imaginable. The best however is the seafood/fish department. Tanks of all kinds of live fish. The friendly and helpful staff will get you a fish, kill it, gut and clean it, and if you wish, deep-fry it all for a very low price. They have the best big oysters for just .39. Every kind of fish for sushi. I could on and on about Ranch 99. Many wonderful Asian restaurants in the mall - Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, an all you can eat fire-pot restaurant, and Pho noodle soup restaurant. The Hong-Kong style take in Ranch 99 cannot be beat. Once you go to Ranch 99 you will never want to leave. They even have a VIP card for discounts similar to Safeway's club card.

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    judy leibovitch

    I agree, Barry. FWIW, Ranch 99 is a southern Cal company, whose first Bay Area location is Milpitas.

    I've been curious about the quality of the dim sum restaurant. Comments?

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      Jefferson Scher

      Click the link for Store Listings


    2. I mentioned 99 Ranch in passing once before, but they richly deserve Barry's more descriptive post. It's a great store, and I go to the Daly City branch all the time.

      Besides the fish counter, my favorite sections are the Aisle of Noodles (all sorts of instant noodles from all over Asia) and the Aisle of Chili Sauces. Lots of treats for impulse buyers.

      The dim sum is not bad for for fast dim sum--if you're already shopping at 99 Ranch and you're hungry, you might as well get some, but I wouldn't make a special trip for it.