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Sep 27, 2000 04:01 PM

El Cerrito/East Bay Chinese Restaurants

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Coming to the Bay Area in a month. I know there are some new Asian shopping centers in the El Cerrito area. Can anyone recommend any of the restaurants in these centers?

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    Barry Kaufman

    Ranch 99 is the pan-Asian market you refer too is actually in Albany - Pierce Street - get off at the Central Street Exit off Interstate 80. It is amazing!!
    About twice the size of you largest supermarket. Row upon row of every Asian ingredient imaginable. The best however is the seafood/fish department. Tanks of all kinds of live fish. The friendly and helpful staff will get you a fish, kill it, gut and clean it, and if you wish deep-fry it all for a very low price. They have the best big oysters for just .39. Every kind of fish for sushi. I could on and on about Ranch 99. Many wonderful Asian restaurants in the mall - Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and an all you can eat fire-pot restaurant, and Pho noodle soup restaurant. And the Hong-Kong style take in Ranch 99 cannot be beat. Go for it.

    1. Barry is right about Ranch 99 market in the Pacific East Mall (although I thought it was over the Richmond border rather than in Albany), and I've heard wonderful things about the Thai restaurant in the mall. Unfortunately I can't think of the name, but it's owned by the same folks as Thep Phanom in San Francisco. The Shanghai Clay Pot restaurant on San Pablo Ave. in Albany is good too, for Chinese.