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Jul 23, 2005 12:56 AM

What Happened to EMPIRE Restaurant?

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We are visiting from NH and we werein downtown providence this evening, we wanted to go for dinner at EMPIRE. when we got there it was no longer there............Does anybody know what happened or where they moved to?
It was one of the best restaurants we ever went to, we are so sad that it is no longer there.

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  1. Empire has been gone for quite some time now. Product of a divorce situation. Last report was that Loren had moved to Florida. Don't know where Eric went, but he was in another state also.
    We agree. We really liked Empire. The food was great and the staff treated us special.

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      Interesting story. That space is supposedly next to be a French brasserie by (I think) the folks who own Paragon in East Greenwich.

      Last night in Providence (Waterfire, Soundstage) was wonderful. I hope you enjoyed it here!

      - Garris
      Providence, RI

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      1. I'm a librarian for Johnson & Wales University in Providence and I'm working on an enormous restaurant menu digitization project. I just came across the menu for Empire Providence and wanted to find out more about it. Sad to hear it's gone. I found an interview with the former owners/couple about the love story of how they met (@ Johnson & Wales University!) and started their venture with Empire: Sorry to hear they divorced. The restaurant that took its place is Bravo Brasserie. I've only had appetizers and drinks there. It's a cute place, but Empire sounds like it was really unique. BTW: The digital archive of restaurant menus can be found at: - I'll be posting Empire soon!