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Sep 22, 2000 06:53 PM


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Has anyone tried Roy's (as in Roy Yamaguchi from Hawaii)? It's on Second St. @ Mission, S.F.

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    Barry Kaufman

    I have not been to Roy's yet - but the early reviews from most of the critics have been pretty bad.

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      1. re: Barry Kaufman
        Andy Van Gilder

        I have been to Roys in Hawaii, both Kauai and Maui. I live in Denver, Colorado and they opened one here a year ago. It is our favorite restaurant. They mix asian seafood with french sauces and it is a culinary delight. My favorite is a very light meal, the steamed fish, usually with a terriyaki/soy infusion. Other non-seafood dishes are excellent as well. My wife is allergic to seafood so she eats the meat and veggie dishes.

        The Kauai Roy's has purple sweet potatoes, which you can only get on Molokai. They have the most amazing taste. Almost like eating a desert for your vegetable. We haven't been able to find them at other Roy's.

        Specialty is definately seafood and you can get very heavy, but tasty, meals to very light meals as I described above, all with amazing sauces. The sauces are what sets this restaurant apart.

        An earlier reply touts the chocolate souffle. I would second that. We are not huge chocolate fans, but are converted on this one. Definately save room for the desert, and split it between at least two as it is rich.

        Enjoy, I am salivating as I write this.

      2. j
        judy leibovitch

        Tried the Roy's on Kauai on a patient's rec and found it very disappointing; in your face spicing and trying way to hard to be creative in the fusion thing. It's not high on my list to check out again.

        1. While I haven't been to the new Roy's in The City I have been to his restaurant in Kona. I found his melange of flavors confused, muddy and commonly lacking any sense of harmony. I mean, roast duck pizza with shitake mushrooms? Does not work! Shackling his creations to a tropical theme further hampers success.

          If you're a fusion fan seek out people like Bruce Cost who can provide a decent execution on the genre. In my opinion Roy's will shortly fold and Mr. Yamaguichi will head back to The Islands with his tail between his legs. Back to the small pond where he can be a big fish. San Francisco has too many superior restaurants to squander time or money on Roy's.

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          1. re: oB1
            judy leibovitch

            There has been a Roy's in Carmel for over 5 years, and (I believe), one in Southern California. One can only assume there is an audience for his food "in the big pond" as well as the smaller pond of Hawaii. I agree with your take on his food, but there are talented chefs everywhere in the country, including Hawaii.

          2. Thank you for all the info re Roy's. I had followed his cooking shows on PBS a while back and thought his food sounded and looked interesting and so his retaurant might be good...sigh...

            1. j
              Jason "Chocolate Souffle" Perlow

              Rachel and I went to Roy's Kahana and Roy's Nicolina on Maui (they are right next to each other) during our honeymoon in 1995. The food at both places were awesome, and if it is still on the menu definitely try the chocolate souffle. It requires that you tell them 40 minutes in advance to prepare it, but man oh man is it worth it.

              The food we had in Hawaii was best of breed Pan-Asia, it really distinguished itself from most of the other expensive restaurants on Maui which serve the same kind of stuff.

              Its kind of like the chocolate equivalent to a volcano spewing hot lava.

              I havent been to the NYC location, so I cant vouch for its quality over here. But I am rearing to try it.