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Sep 21, 2000 06:59 PM

Anyone been the the Berkley Thai Temple

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Someone online elsewhere mentioned the Thai temple near the Ashby Bart. It has a food fair each Sunday and a larger one on festivals. Has anyone been? I'm going on a field trip there soon. I'd like to go on a festival day and was wondering how to find out when they are.

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    Alexandra Eisler

    Hi Anne,

    The Thai temple is located at 1911 Russell Street, about half a block up from MLK Way and 1 block north of Ashby (and Ashby BART).

    The temple is open on Sundays, I think around 11:00am rain or shine, for a sort of open market food experience. Go early for pad thai as it sells quickly. My husband swears by the som tum and they also have a noodle soup that is outstanding. Don't miss the little coconut milk pancake-ey/fritter things-definately worth the wait. You have to change your money to Thai "offerings" which just adds to the experience. There are occasional music and dance performances and language classes each week.


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      Hi, sorry I have not checked this lately, but thank you for your tips, they are still tmely as I am going Oct 22. am very exicited about the coconut pancake-ey fritter thing.