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Sep 21, 2000 06:51 PM

Any decent Philly Cheesteaks?

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I used to get cheesesteak fixes at the place on Columbus near B'way at least once a month. Then it was sold and the name changed to Busters. They cleanned it up a bit, but the cheesesteaks were still good. Then something happened around 6 months ago. They are no longer good. The bread for one thing, seems different, tasteless. Looks the same, though. I keep going back every once in a while and it's just no good. I can't get anything out of the guy's who work there. I keep hoping to see the owner, but he was only there when it first opened. Now I need a new place. and I saw someone mention these at Mel's Diner. I I do not like Mel's, but am tempted to go in the slim hope of a decent cheesesteak.

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    Stephanie Rosenbaum

    Well, I'm not a cheesesteak eater, but I've heard really good things about Whiz Wit, on Folsom near 11th.

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    1. re: Stephanie Rosenbaum

      Thanks for the tip. I used to go by Wiz quite often, when I lived in the area, but it looks like such a dump and the drive by shootings didn't encourage me. It is outdoor eating only right?

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      Paul Spiegel

      Try the place on Divisadero between Sutter & Bush, east side of the street. Can't recall the name, but it's quite good.

      1. there is a philly cheesesteak shop on Durant Avenue east of Telegraph (one block from campus in Berkeley). I haven't eaten there, but have witnessed friends do so with expressions connoting pleasure.