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Jul 18, 2005 07:22 PM

El Mexicano Jr., Manchester, NH - report

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Thank you thank you thank you, hounds. I've been monitoring the posts on this place for a couple months, and when I was going to be in the neighborhood of it today, I knew I had to make the time to go (I live an hour away). Excellent menu, great food, great staff. Amazing, for NH. Really very good for the rest of the world. My write up is on my blog, the link below, but I just wanted to encourage the people on the sidelines considering it to go for it - it is really cheap, too, so not at all an investment of money, or time.

My one question - did I miss the store? Wasn't there talk of an adjoining store?


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  1. Someone had mentioned that there was a Mexican Grocery store across the street, so we checked it out. It's really more of a little Latin convenience store with a deli 'area' (some sausages, queso fresco,etc.) Some fresh stuff - tomatillos, avocados, plantains, etc. A wide range of Goya products, some spices and dried peppers, canned sauces, Mexican, Columbian, Brazilian ingredients, etc. I bought some Mexican oregano, piloncillo, tostadas, and a couple of cans of chili verde and chipotles. PS. Your pictures made me HUNGRY.

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      Thanks, Rubee, I thought I saw something there across the street but I couldn't be sure - really I am looking for banana leaves, to make puerco pibil.

      It sounds like they definitely have the spices I need, at least.

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        I just moved to NH and was excited to hear about this Mexican place.

        Have you tried Anna's Taqueria in Porter Square and Davis Square (Cambridge and Somerville)---they have AWESOME Mexican food. Try it!! You'll love it!!

        1. re: Cat

          Thanks Cat - I like Anna's too for Tex-Mex, but authentic Mexican is so much harder to find..wait 'till you try the "real" stuff. :)

    2. One question. Why is it called El Mexicano, Jr.? Is there an El Mexicano, Sr.? OK, so that's two questions.

      1. We went once on a Sunday afternoon on the way back from the airport and the young folk were having a good time quaffing Coronitas and spinning Los Tigres del Norte (at least I hope so) etc. on the jukebox.

        The chips and salsa were some of the finest (if not the best) that I've had in greater New England. We also tried the tostada de ceviche de mariscos (unless it was just fish -- it was at least a few months ago), the torta de nopales, and some variety of quesadilla, and they were all delicious and cheap. If I didn't live up in Lebanon, I would probably be there quite regularly (and I might even check out the side bar).

        1. Was looking for the Schezuan House website when I happened across this mexican place either here or on google maps, don't remember, and after seeing your review I went there today with a friend who used to get authentic mexican in Arizona, and I who had never had really decent mexican, and we both loved it! I had the chorizo tacos since they looked so good on your blog. I'll have to try the other types next time I go. I might return tonight since they're open till 1am. :-)

          Btw, just so you're not taken by surprise, they accept cash only. There's an atm at the store across the street though.