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Sep 20, 2000 04:28 PM

Looking for fish tacos in the SF Bay Area

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I am looking for good fish tacos in the SF Bay Area. My current favorate is Don Pico's in San Bruno.


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  1. cafe marimba on chestnut is serves upscale fish taco at a price to match.. it usually has either a grilled snapper or salmon fish taco. but it's definetely not your street vendor taco

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      Wonderful Mexican restaurant in Oakland--specializes in seafood: Tijuana on 1308 International Blvd (14th Avenue and B Street). Plates are size of large serving platters and the whole fish still hang over the edges. While you're waiting for table you can watch woman in kitchen making fresh tortillas. Non seafood entrees are pedestrian; stay with seafood. Not great neighborhood but authentic food.

      1. re: Jennifer
        Melanie Wong

        I really like the fried fish at Zamarano in Oakland. they charge by size. We always order the small one --- they're always out of "small" and they'll give us bigger size fish for the same price. Excellent corn tortillas too.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I LOVE Taco Zamarano! Do you eat at the one next to Sonny Barger's Motorcyle shop/across from Hell's Angel's original headquarters (when my son was 6 or 7 he used to wander around the restaurant admiring everyone's tattoos and bemoan the fact that his mother wouldn't allow him to get one)or the Taco truck in La Mexicana grocery store parking lot (great summer time dining on the hood of your car) or the restaurant off the parking lot? The tacos are great because they're small and you can try out several varieties--my favorites are asada and carnitas and chicharron. I will definitely try the fish next time. (My dream is to have them cater my son's Bar Mitzvah--I don't think the Temple would look kindly on the menu and how do I explain Kashrut to Zamarano? Sigh--I'm going to have to hit you all up for caterer recommendations soon.)

          1. re: Jennifer
            Melanie Wong

            Only the one by the Hell's Angel's clubhouse. I think I've mentioned Zamarano before on this board but no response - so nice to find a fellow Zamarano-love! Have also driven by one near 880 off High Street. Is that one you mention?

            Now, how do you make kashrut carnitas? :-)

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              My favorite is the one on Foothill. And the best time to go is Sunday lunch when all the little girls are wearing their wonderful church dresses.

              Yes , the other one is off High--you order at the window and seat yourself. I don't enjoy it as much as Foothill location but do try the truck in the parking lot on a nice day.

              You're right--kashrut carnitas are going to be a real challenge. Almost as much as my goal to get as far away as possible from the over the top ice carving keep-up-with-the-Cohens Bar Mitzvahs. I wanted to have the taco truck pull up in our back yard for my son's Bar Mitzvah party but as I said, I'm not sure how good it would be sans pork and shellfish! And my Jewish guilt would not allow me to serve treif for this event. Maybe they could make brisket tacos? Caldo de Gefilte fish? Matza and guacamole? Chopped liver burritos? Oy! It's tough being a hypocrite!