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Jul 14, 2005 12:15 AM

Good lunch place near Providence Airport

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I start my family's upcoming New England trip at Providence Airport. Since we will arrive around 1:30 pm and head to Boston right away, we need to have a lunch nearby. I knew that Providence is only 10 min drive. So, any neighborhood area (including Providence) would be fine.

Since we will go Boston, Ipswich, and Maine, I don't want to repeat/try some overlapped menu(s) (if they are inferior here to above destinations). But if any menus are better than others, please let me know.

Not formal/upscale restaurant please. Just casual, inexpensive, but great spot.

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  1. L'Attifude in Pawtuxet (NOT Pawtucket) is a very good Italian place with decent prices. It is on the Cranston/Warwick border, maybe 5 or 10 minutes from the airport, right on the bay.

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      Hi live in RI and I work at the fire station next to the air port. Being Italian I hope that I can help with your lunch. Next to the aor port is Bertuccis brick oven pizza, its close to the air port (walking close) and the food is very good. For the best pizza you have to go to Frederal Hill and get to Caserta pizza, Venda Ravioli is a great deli and restruant,Mediterraneo, Angelos, All federal Hill Cafe Itri in Cranston, A sports bar nest to the air port that is a fun place to eat and drink is Daves bar and grill. There is alot more to go but if you would like more info just let me know.

      1. re: Carl

        I actually need two spots both for lunch (one at the time of arrival, the other for return). I need a quick bite and another excellent lunch spot.

        Another chow member as well as you recommended Cafe Itri. It seems like they are spcialized linguine with variety of seafoods (that's exactly what I am looking for great italian lunch). Is that restaurant family friendly (which means we can share our meals with a large portion... I don't know how large their pasta is). If you have any better restaurant in seafood pasta, let me know.

        For quick bite, I am thinking either pizza/panini or seafood(clam) shack. Many people recommend caserta pizza. How about the other place for great pizza/pannini/calzone? I will also go to New Haven to taste their wonderful clam pie(pizza) at Pepe's as well as NYC pizza. So, I hope I would not have same/similar kind of pizza at Providence. If not, it would worth to try.

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          Bob & Timmy's pizza is just down the street from Caserta's, and it's absolutely delicious - they specialize in grilled pizza. I imagine someone on this board can do a better job than I can describing it...

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            Bob and Timmy's grilled pizza is indeed very good. You would not go wrong there.

            But, if you want really unique pizza (at least in the US as far as I can tell), Caserta's is the place. Some people try it and say "What's the fuss about?" but even most of them come around and realize how good it is (Mrs. W. is one of them).

            If you go to Caserta's, order your pizza without cheese.

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              I have to say that you should stay with Casertas, also nest to Cafe Itri is Marchettis restaurant. This is the place to go for large amount of food. It is very good,you may have to wait a bit, but it is worth it. I also grew up with the two brothers who own this restaurant. For non Italian food you can try Twin Oaks in Cranston. This is the only restaruant in RI that has been voted the best steak restaruant over 15 years in a row.. If you go for dinner you can wait up to 2 or more hrs, but going for lunch is no big deal. Carl

        2. I think I would take the Atwells Ave exit off 95 in Providence and go to Federal Hill. Might as well start your vacation in Italy!

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          1. re: kate

            Well, that is a great idea, but you can get to "Italy" from the airport even faster than going to Federal Hill.

            The Knightsville section of Cranston, settled and still populated mainly by immigrants from the town of Itri and their descendants, is likely one of the most authentically Italian neighborhoods in the US. It's full of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries.

            Next time I'm in RI I'm definitely going to spend some time there.

            1. re: Bob W.

              Can you let me know some of the names I might try?

              1. re: kthan

                I'm not familiar with Knightsville, so I can't help with that, but for a great variety of take out Venda Ravioli on Atwells has a fantastic deli. The location with the fountain and the music is lovely.

                1. re: Kate

                  I second Venda Ravioli for take out and then going to eat in the Depasquale Square.

                  For indoor sitdown, Angelo's Civita Farnese is great as well. Solid red sauce restaurant that is kids friendly with simple decor, fast service, and cheap prices.

                  - Garris
                  Providence, RI

                2. re: kthan

                  Mind you, I have not yet had the good fortune to try any places in Knightsville, but two I have read mouthwatering things about are Caffe Itri and L'Osteria.

                  Like Federal Hill, the restaurants in Knightsville are clustered along one street, in this case Cranston St., so you can go, park your car, and just pick a spot that looks inviting.

                  If you're lucky there will be a feast or festival going on, which will expand the food choices (and your waistline) even more.

              2. re: kate

                I heard that Fedeal Hill is little italy in providence and found a lot of places mentioned here.

                Which place would you recommend? I might need another lunch on the way back to PVD (finale of my trip).

                Casual (hopefully speedy, take-out available) would be preferred.

              3. Cafe Itri is awesome. Very relaxed, unpretentious Italian food. The Knightsville area of Cranston is a great alternative to the gridlock/valet parking hell that is Atwells Ave. (Federal Hill) on the weekends. Much better prices too. Try the grilled apples with gorgonzola and prosciutto. I almost always order one of their specials and I've never been dissapointed.