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Sep 20, 2000 02:57 PM

Lunch in SF

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My girlfriends and I are flying into San Francisco for the day on Saturday. We want to do a little shopping and have a fabulous lunch. Any recommendations? I have read through the previous posts and was wondering if one of the recommended restaurants is better than the others for lunch (I've eaten at a couple of them, but only for dinner). Thanks.

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    Barry Kaufman

    For lunch you cannot beat Rose Pestola on Columbus in North Beach - if its a nice day, try to get an outside table. If you are downtown doing some shopping go to
    B-44 or Plouf on Beldon Alley between Bush and Pine - you will think you are in Paris ----- al fresco dinning. For the most elegant lunch check out Azie's on Folsom near 4th --- same chef/owner as LuLu's Jody Denton. Have fun, BK

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      Gina Hamilton

      Has anyone had lunch at Moose's in North Beach?
      I've been there for brunch and it is excellent and elegant. You can also get a cable car ride to shopping, and walk to fisherman's wharf.

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        Haven't had lunch there but more than one very nice dinner. The hard working sommelier is my friend Andrew Green. He does try to have a value-priced selections as well as more expensive hard-to-find bottles. Pls. feel free to mention my name to him next time.

      2. re: Barry Kaufman

        I really like Rose Pistola for lunch. I recommend trying to get a variety of things to share. The only time I was a bit underwhelmed there was when we did not order much variety. I love the flatbread (more like a thin crust pizza) with crescenza cheese and truffle oil. A selection of the antipasti is good, I love the raw shaved artichokes in lemon with Parmesan shavings, but might not be in season now. Last time I had the roast arctic char and mussles in tomato broth. Someone is doing a great job with desserts there. I had a fabulous galette and an orange carmel panna cotta that was better than any other I've had.

        I must say that the outside seating does not appeal to me. One thing is that you are on the sidewalk, subject to the vagaries of the weather and passers-by. I would much rather be seated in the window in the more elegant interior.

      3. I second Rose Pistola. Can't beat it on a nice day. Their pizza and desserts can't be beat. I also love to take people to Bix, but it's kind of a waste if the weather is nice enough to sit outside. Still, stop in for a drink, it's a great room. Plouf is also great, but I've had some problems with B-44.

        Good luck!

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          Lauren Edlund

          Thanks to all of you for the recommendation of Rose Pistola. We had a wonderful lunch there. The focaccia with white truffle oil, mussels roasted with fennel and potatoes, fava bean and pecorino salad, fried chantrelles were all to die for. I would love to go back some blustery winter evening. Such a cozy atmosphere. Thanks again!