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Jul 12, 2005 04:12 PM

Breakfast in Southern Maine

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We are driving from CT up to Maine on a Saturday morning, headed for Brunswick. We want to leave early to beat the traffic, then have breakfast somewhere after the Maine tollbooths. Any suggestions for a place to aim for?

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  1. The Maine Diner in Wells has great breakfasts.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      The Omelette Factory on rte 1 is good too

      1. re: Theresa

        Is that the one slightly north of Flo's hotdog stand? If so, then I second the rec. They cook each omelette individually in a pan, not on the hotplate like at most diners.

        1. re: ju

          No--its in the town of Ogunquit and not near Flo's.

          1. re: Irwin

            Congdon's may have great doughnuts but their breakfast is weak. This woman who started the thread, Mary, isn't looking for doughnuts folks. The Egg and I is also weak. We were at Cafe Amore last weak and had the french toast and the home made granola. It was good but not a "wow" experience. The Maine Diner is good but nothing exceptional. It is overated. Their service is fantastic,however. The Omelette Factory,although I haven't eaten there in 3 years, is fantastic. So here's the zinger Mary. Get off Exit 2 in Wells,Maine and go to Route 1 north. Just before the Maine Diner there is a road on the left, Coles Hill Rd. Take this road about 1 and a 1/2 miles to a par 3 golf course call Merriland Farm and eat in their cafe. By far the best breakfast in Southern Maine and the atmosphere is superb. Escape the crowds of Route 1 and enjoy!!!!!!!

            1. re: benny

              This sounds like the best plan to me. Maine Diner is always crowded and a beast on weekends. Since the destination is Brunswick, I'd to do this, get back on the interstate at York or Wells, and avoid Biddeford and Ogunquit like the plague.

              1. re: benny

                I disagree about Congdon's, I feel like everything I have ever eaten at Congdon's was delicious. Not to mention the staff being so friendly and the atmosphere is great and homey. Maine Diner is okay but it is cold feeling in there and the breakfast is nothing special. Egg and I is very good as well. I personally wasn't impressed with the Omelette Factory... and soooo small!!!

            2. re: ju

              That's the one!!!

          2. re: hiddenboston

            I definitely agree about the Maine Diner. Baked beans for breakfast works for me!!!

          3. Whatever you do, don't go to Congdon's Donuts in Wells!!

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            1. re: Far Far

              I don't think that was very nice... If you owned Congon's Donuts would you like someone to write what you did whether the products were good or bad????

              1. re: Irwin

                If it's really bad, people deserve to be warned off it. It probably didn't think it deserved such a harsh comment tho. I thought Congden's donuts were all right but far from the best I've ever had. (Ally's in N. Kingstown RI are the best ever.)

                1. re: Joanie

                  Condon's built a empire selling donuts, so how bad can they be??? Probably not the best, but far from the worst. They sell tons of donuts, wholesale and retail and I feel that they deserve a lot of credit for the empire they built making donuts....

                  1. re: Irwin

                    Interesting observation, but empire building isn't what this about, is it? It's about taste, different for all. Krispy Kreme built an empire, but I think their product is revolting. Ditto McDonald's, etc.

                    1. re: M-L.

                      THANKS FOR YOUR OPINION

              2. re: Far Far

                Why not Congdon's Donuts????????

                Please explain.

                1. re: Far Far

                  The others are right. I shouldn't have been so archly condemnatory without further explanation. In fact, however, after hearing and reading about "Maine's best donuts", my wife and I looked forward to having breakfast there one weekend but were disappointed on several levels. The donut I had -an old fashioned plain donut- (admittedly I only had one of the more than 2 dozen types of donuts they offered, maybe others are better) was greasy and soggy. We both ordered Irish Eggs Benedict. The corned beef hash was clearly right out of a can (when we said something about it to the server, she said "Oh, yeah, they don't make it here). The fried potatoes were tasteless. In all, it was an unimpressive breakfast at a fairly high price. Given the quality of the other breakfast places in the area, such as Omelette Factory and the Egg & I, I can't recommend Congdon's. But I do apologize for making a sarcastic-and unhelpful-comment.

                2. e
                  East Point Cook

                  Right before the York toll is the exit for The Yorks.
                  Take it and eat at Rick's in York Village (follow 1A).
                  It's great for breakfast. Nothing like a grilled blueberry muffin followed by a Rick McMuffin.

                  1. Try Amore Breakfast in Ogunquit...They make a Banana's Foster French Toast that is to die for. If it's too busy, then I'll second the Omelette Factory recommendation and also The Egg & I. Maine Diner is great, but soooo crowded.

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