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Jul 11, 2005 03:46 PM

Tiny Thai restaurant in Essex, VT

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Tiny Thai restaurant at the Lang farm center in Essex, VT. is fantastic. Much better than the Burlington based Thai restaurants such as Parima, Loong Chat (terrible) and Bangkok Bistro (paeng maak...too expensive and not that great). My wife is Thai and she was a bit jaded after disappointment with all the Burlington area Thai establishments. After living in Bangkok for a year, I agreed with her that they were too "Americanized".
I decided to try Tiny Thai one day and was pleasantly surprised. Their Pad Thai is actually better than some I had in Bangkok just a few months ago.
In defense of all "real" Thai restaurants, they do their best to stick with authentic Thai ingredients but some of the spices and veggies are just too expensive or would spoil while being imported here. Then there are the others who just call themselves Thai (the absolute worst being that newly opened Thai take-out at University Mall) and serve up a bunch of noodles with some kind of canned sauce or load it up with American veggies (Loong Chats) to make it look like you're getting a lot of food.
The other excellent Thai restaurant is the Royal Orchid in Montpelier. Don't care much for the owner but I have to give the devil his is excellent and totally Thai. There's Thai Basil in Stowe which is an unbelievably expensive establishment with mediocre food. Go with Tiny Thai or Royal Orchid, skip the others.


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  1. Thanks, headed to that neck of the woods soon, and LOVE Thai food, so this comes in handy.

    1. I totally agree about the excellence of Royal Orchid in Montpelier. I especially love their Penang Curry Duck, Yom Neur and Tom Kha. I really can't agree with you about Art, the owner, who I think is a sweet and funny guy. I am very curious about Tiny Thai though and will be trying it ASAP. BTW, I heard that Royal Orchid might be opening a second place, in either Morrisville or Stowe.

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        I haven't had the chance to go to the Thai place in Montpelier in years (I moved out of the area) I'm so glad that it is still well-regarded.

      2. Completely agree with you on both counts. What makes us happy about Tiny Thai is that not only is the food better than the Americanized Thai in Burlington it's also cheaper.

        I don't know the owner of Royal Orchid but I love all of their duck dishes as well as everything else we've had there. We usually go on a slighly off hour for lunch so our toddler isn't too disturbing to customers and the service has always been wonderful.

        1. Just visited TT this evening and got some Pad Thai to take out (the first thing I always try at a new Thai place). It was delicious (got with chicken - also available with tofu or shrimp). Cost $7.50 and I couldn't finish the whole thing. There were lots of more interesting and yummy sounding things on the menu and I shall return. I also love Royal Orchid in Montpelier and go to Bangkok Bistro for the martinis! [There's a new Thai place in Burlington; took the place of Loong Chat's? Don't know the name; has anybody been?]

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          1. re: Joanna

            I definitely second the Tiny Thai recommendation. I was there with my wife last week and had a fabulous meal. The green curry sauce that was served with a the appetizer dumplings was outstanding.

            The veggies in all the entrees were perfectly cooked, the spices were just right, and the balance of ingredients was wonderful.

            Very much a pleasant surprise.

          2. Wow! I just came from Thai Orchid in Montpelier, having introduced my lovely woman to the place. She LOVED it!!! It's been one of my favorite places to eat for some time now... I work in Montpelier. Very much appreciate the reference to Tiny Thai in Essex. We will absolutely be checking that one out. That's just up the road from where we live (Williston). I've been to the Bangkok Bistro in Burlington, and I would have to agree it was OK, but not at all as good as the Thai Orchid and definitely expensive. I haven't been to Loong Chat's but after reading the above comments, I won't even bother.