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Sep 18, 2000 06:01 PM

What a folly

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About once a year, I visit San Francisco to do research. I've been won over by the talents of Bay Area chefs. That is until La Follie. After reading glowing reviews (from friends and critics), I was stunned by its mediocre food. I've always been a believer that if you can walk away from a restaurant with two very good dishes out of five, then you've done well. From La Follie, I came away irritated that I had just paid $200 for a below-average meal--the food came out tepid and tasted bland. I was getting ready to pay my bill when the manager asked how I liked my food. Hesitated, I replied, "It was fine." Looking confused, he said, "Fine? Not good, just fine?" I nodded in agreement. He rushed back to the kitchen to confide with the chef. He then returned for details. I complied and, he became defensive. The soup wasn't hot? Are you sure? The spinach souffle was chewy? Well, it has chicken in it. The lamb was cold? Lamb shouldn't be served hot anyway. My response was that I knew meat should be rested for a minute or two, but still.....He asked me to continue, but we were getting nowhere. I realized that instead of being truly concerned, this was the restaurant's opportunity to debate with customer. I question a restaurant, which charges $75-$110 for a pre-fix meal, that would do this. What a waste of my time and my guest's. So my assessment of La Follie? Attitude--French. Cuisine---French. Service--French. Food--Tepid.

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  1. b
    Beatrice Dante

    Oops. The restaurant is La Folie, not Follie. My appologies for the Freudian slip, or not.

    1. Totally agree - as a long term SF resident, my wife and I frequent the great restaurants of our town. For some reason or another we kept missing La Folie. So after 3 years, we finally kept our plans and went there. We didnt miss anything. I'm a wine geek, so our bill was in excess of $600 for the two of us and I would never repeat it. We had the chef's nine course menu, and truthfully, all that sticks in my head was the soup course. For the same amount of $$ we could have had an incredible experience at French Laundry, Danko, or Masa's. To think about it, I've had better meals at Jardiniere, and she's never blown me away. The location, interior design and food all are indicative of a $50 a head restaurant. Never again. Who ever is writing to Zagat must own a piece of it, because it's not even in the top 30 in town.